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  1. Sorry something weird happened with the quoting thing but I wondered if you had a source for vaccinated vs unvaccinated cases in Australia? Someone I know sent me this highly political article saying something like all but 1 of the cases in Australia were in vaccinated people so I would like something accurate to point her to. ETA This is the source of the Australia figures she linked https://wsau.com/2021/07/26/sydney-australia-all-new-covid-hospitalizations-involve-vaccinated-individuals-except-one/
  2. TCB

    Beth Moore

    I took a screenshot. It may be a reminder that this kind of crazy stuff really did happen. She has no medical experience or training whatsoever.
  3. TCB

    Beth Moore

    That is wonderful! My pastor’s wife (I should say ex pastor) is on FB urging people not to get vaccinated. Midwest SBC
  4. It’s really gotten to the point when you just can’t make this stuff up. It’s like watching a horrible movie, but it’s real!
  5. I’m so sorry. I’ve seen it again and again and I’m so sorry it has happened to people you love.
  6. I haven’t been aware of patients contracting Covid while hospitalized, where I work. We only have single patient rooms in our facility. I think the figure might be higher in the UK because they very often have open wards, or bays with 4-6 patients in them. Or at least they did when I last worked there 16 years ago - maybe it’s changed. I can see places like waiting rooms being high risk too.
  7. Thank you this was such a good post. You explained well, how I feel about Christians asserting their individual rights. I have trouble articulating what seems so off about it, and you did it so well.
  8. If you think the healthcare system in the US is a disaster, with it’s huge resources, you can imagine what other countries have been facing throughout this pandemic.
  9. Usually we replace worn out equipment by buying from the company. I don’t know what your point is, and it doesn’t really matter, because whatever you personally may believe, that doesn’t change the very real fact that the situation with Covid is bad. When more than half your ICU beds are taken up with 1 diagnosis for weeks and weeks, you know that things are not good. I have never seen that before, in my many years in ICU. Not sure what you get out of saying the stuff you do. It reminds me of arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, or whatever that crazy argument is.
  10. Definitely recommend a fan because the dorm rooms seem really warm despite AC. Also I think sending OTC meds like Tylenol, Ibuprofen and cold meds so they don’t have to go searching if they get sick. Another good thing is some supplies in case they get a stomach bug - chicken noodle soup, crackers and sprite or whatever they like. In the time of Covid I send a pulse ox and thermometer and I’m thinking I’m going to send a couple of rapid self tests too.
  11. The AG in our state is doing the same thing. Interestingly he is currently campaigning for some other higher political office. I don’t know how these people can look themselves in the mirror, especially since they say they are all about limited government.
  12. They already are the control group. I work in an ICU looking after seriously ill Covid patients. We have had many, many unvaccinated patients, and less than a handful of vaccinated, and all but 1 of the vaccinated have survived and left the ICU. Unfortunately many of the unvaccinated are getting intubated and quite a few have died. I am literally right there watching this unfold. I just talked to a work colleague today, younger than me, I’m in my 50s, who had Covid about 6 months ago, and now is on oxygen full time, she was wheeling an oxygen cylinder with her. I’m just sick of hearing the endless downplaying of this illness. Honestly I don’t really know why I’m writing this because I really just want to give up trying to change anyone’s mind. I want to keep away from people, go into work and do the best I can, and when it’s so crazy busy I want to just let myself accept that what is going to happen is going to happen. And if there is ever another pandemic in my working lifetime I am going to hand in my notice the minute I hear about it.
  13. Thank you for linking the response. I can tell that you are very pro Ivermectin. I mostly see extremely sick Covid patients, some of whom have taken HCQ and Ivermectin, but not enough of a sample to get a clear idea. I have to say that what seems very clearly helpful in preventing severe illness and death is the vaccine. Most of the people I come in contact with who are very sure that Ivermectin works have been unvaccinated. I’m not sure where you stand on the vaccines, but do you think the benefit of them is at least as apparent, or even more apparent than the evidence for Ivermectin? It seems to me, from the people that I know locally, that evidence is not necessarily the basis for their decisions, and I am not trying to be a smart Aleck when I say that. I’m going to be honest here and say that I think I remember you were pretty enthusiastic about HCQ initially and I was wondering what you thought about that now? And what you thought were the differences in the information about efficacy available for both of them. In my mind it seems like people moved from being in favor of one to the other and that does give me pause about the evidence for Ivermectin. Another thing I have wondered about is why the countries with widespread Ivermectin use, such as Brazil and India, still have had such terrible problems. I know a number of people in Brazil and know that Ivermectin is available there.
  14. Thank you, that is the sort of information I was seeking. I believe there is an RCT being done in the UK at the moment that might yield some good information. My understanding was that the benefits of Ivermectin where seen via the meta analyses, I saw that there were positive studies in that list but it seemed like they were mostly very small studies, and that is why I was wondering about the effects of the withdrawal of the Egyptian study. Do you know if any of the more vocal Ivermectin proponents have commented about it?
  15. I would say 4 or 5 different ones would be good. We had some really nice potatoes that were good but seemed simple, not sure of the name. I would say up to you if all together or 1 at a time. We had several at a time I think, as they got them ready. It was one of our favorite eating experiences.
  16. I’m glad to see you comment here because I was trying to find the post where you linked the Ivermectin stuff but couldn’t find it for some reason. I looked at the link and tried to wade through some of the stuff. I have been trying to find some commentary from the pro Ivermectin group concerning the big Egyptian study that has been withdrawn. My understanding is that it played a fairly significant positive role in the meta analyses that are used as evidence for Ivermectin and I was wondering how the withdrawal affected that. Do you have any insight you could share, or any links to comments on it?
  17. I haven’t checked out all the proposed mandates carefully, but in the ones I’ve looked at it seems like there are 3 options and you need 1 of them: 1. Proof of vaccination 2. Proof of a positive Covid diagnosis in the last 90 days - and I would imagine that the time period will increase with more data. 3. A recent negative test. I don’t really have a strong opinion on mandates either way, I haven’t thought enough about all the implications, but I do wonder why, living in a community, it should be accepted that some people can go around, making no effort to protect those around them, and the rest of us just have to accept that. How is that in any way fair? I would like to see personal responsibility be the order of the day.
  18. I’m not trying to make you get the shot, but have you actually even been in a room with 1 really sick Covid patient? I have, many times, and from what I’ve seen I would say your smartest move is to definitely avoid 100 of them. It’s one thing to not get the vaccine, that’s up to you, but that is just crazy talk that makes me think you don’t really know what you’re talking about. I’m sure you were probably joking or whatever but after 18 months I’ve kind of lost my sense of humor.
  19. I think that they are elected in Missouri. Sounds crazy to me, and maybe I’m misunderstanding but I’m fairly sure it is an elected position. And if so that really just says it all with this pandemic!
  20. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I’m sure I heard recently that doubling up a surgical mask with a cloth one, like @Melissa Louisedoes is very effective.
  21. I think it is fairly widely available in the US but not necessarily widely known. It does seem very effective so I hope it becomes available where you are.
  22. I think it’s worth getting tested when you have symptoms and at least informing your dr so he can advise this treatment if it’s indicated. The criteria for eligibility for monoclonal antibody therapy is actually quite broad now, and lots of people qualify. I think it was the Mayo Clinic that did a pretty large study on it and found good efficacy with it. Bamlanivimab is not being used any more because it isn’t as effective against some of the more recent variants. What is happening around here with some people is they don’t get tested when they are first symptomatic because they don’t want to comply with quarantining etc., so unfortunately it is sometimes too late once they do.
  23. I think it is within 10 days, although I think I heard on TWIV that it may be possible to test for antibodies and give it later if the patient hadn’t begun producing antibodies.
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