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  1. @Lanny I tried to reply in the other thread but I guess it got locked right when I hit post. I just wanted to comment on the 3 Japanese men who died after being vaccinated. First of all I am really sad they died and will be really sad if it was related to the vaccine. But I wanted to tell you that we have had more than double that number of men, in that age group - 30s and 40s, die of Covid in our little podunk ICU alone, just in the last 2 months. I hope you don’t mind me saying this Lanny, but the risks in your age group are somewhat higher, so I hope so much you are able to get vaccinated, with a vaccine you feel confident in, very soon.
  2. I don’t know if this is necessarily recommended, but until recently we had to reuse N95s at work for a number of days and some people spray them with alcohol when they take them off.
  3. I don’t know what I think about a mandate. If you can test once a week there is definitely an out if you don’t want to get vaccinated and you still want to work there. I think there should also be a clause for previously infected who can still prove immunity- if that’s possible. Being vaccinated doesn’t completely prevent you spreading it but it does reduce that risk. There have been several studies recently about this, even with Delta. As for regretting doing something you thought was a sensible thing to do, because there is now a rule - how do adults even give that more than a passing thought?
  4. That makes me feel so angry. I really can’t help but hope that that woman gets sufficient feedback about her behavior that she is thoroughly ashamed of herself. What a jerky way to behave!
  5. Thank you so much for your kindness! I’m so thankful people like you are coming to help. Working through these dreadful times really results in strong bonds with the people we work with. It is one bright thing to see how well we can work together and support each other. I don’t think I will ever forget the people I’ve been working with through this.
  6. My kids still remember how our small local newspaper quoted me as saying things I never actually said, when they did an article about a homeschooling event. I think it’s an all too common occurrence unfortunately.
  7. My whole family is vaxed but we are not doing those things. I honestly don’t know what the positivity is around here, because I haven’t looked, and because a lot of people here don’t bother testing unless they get really sick, so I don’t think any numbers are very meaningful. I react based on the fact that at least 1/2 the available ICU beds, and often more, at my hospital are Covid patients and have been for several months. I have never known such a large proportion of ICU beds to be taken up by 1 diagnosis before. I did listen to a podcast with ZDoggMd and Monica Gandhi where they mentioned several recent studies showing that vaccinated people appeared to be a lot less likely to spread Covid while infected, so that seems encouraging. ETA. My girls and I are masking inside, my husband does some, but not everywhere. Fortunately he had the Moderna vax so I’m hoping he just isn’t going to get infected, and so can’t spread anything. I’ve kind of given up doing much more than what I think is the right thing and being a good example rather than being vocal unless asked. I feel like I’m hanging by a thread and just surviving. The toll from looking after people and getting to know them, and helping them fight it, and then seeing them almost inevitably lose the battle and die is just almost too much to bear anymore. If people who think it’s exaggerated want my job I’ll happily step aside and let them have it.
  8. Why else is he saying hospitals aren’t trustworthy? Because of that dr? What do hospitals have to gain from lying? In my experience hospitals say very little about what is going on because of the whole privacy issue. ETA Sorry I noticed the JAWM after I posted so feel free to ignore.
  9. I am traveling to the UK in about 10 days time to finally see my parents after 2 years. This whole testing and jumping through the hoops thing is nerve wracking! I just found out on Sunday that they have changed my flight and instead of flying into Manchester I am now arriving in Heathrow. I had booked my day 2 test to be done at a clinic at the airport as soon as I arrived. I’ve had to now book an at home self test so I can do it wherever I end up and am trying to get my money back from the first one. I definitely wish I had just gone with the at home one straight away. I was worried about flight changes so I think it was a bit stupid of me to do what I did!
  10. When I listened to TWIV they said there really wasn’t data to support it yet. I think I heard something about a study from Israel, but maybe it was just a report saying cases seemed to be dropping in Israel, maybe due to the booster, but I don’t have a link I’m afraid.
  11. I hope this isn’t too graphic but this is a good description of the stages of Covid for a patient in hospital and ICU. The only real difference where I work is we do allow the next of kin into the room if the patient is dying, and we are on the ground floor, so other family members can be at the window. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2021-08-26/pandemic-covid-19-stages-vaccination-intensive-care-respiratory-therapist?fbclid=IwAR3XEuNvTjhx3DyEde89-IKBTAsqiVbf-Zym8Zx91rnBexz03NvWVYMsTY8
  12. TCB


    What is it with the people that name these things! None of them sound very appealing! Spikevax!
  13. Wow that is pretty horrendous. I didn’t click on the link until you mentioned it. They do have a lot of exposure in their job.
  14. She should still be within the window to get the monoclonal antibody treatment. She should ask her dr about it.
  15. Does that mean that they contracted Covid while at work?
  16. TCB


    I’m going to assume these questions were asked in good faith and answer as well as I can. I’m not assuming I will influence any opinions though. It is certainly true that obesity seems to be a big risk factor, but it’s difficult to say the degree of obesity, because we have had a couple of people on the extreme end of the scale who have survived against all expectations, and we have had people on the much lower end of overweight, much like many in this country, who have not survived. Many of the patients we have are the body size of a large proportion of the population around here. I do not know their Vit D levels, because frankly, when you are looking after 3 very sick, ventilated patients on your shift, that is not something you have the time to look up. We are using all the approved and evidence based medications. I have looked after people who have been treated with HCQ and Ivermectin before they came to us, critically ill. I do not know what all of them were treated with prior to coming to ICU, other than the medications they received in the hospital. I don’t know what to think about Drs who say their protocols work to reduce mortality. I find it difficult to understand how someone working in a primary care or urgent care clinic can be so sure that they have a fantastically effective medicine. Do they actually follow up every single patient they treat and make sure they didn’t get critically sick? If so, have they released that data? Another thing that gives me pause is that many were also extremely positive about HCQ and then moved on. The strange thing about this virus is how it can give one person the sniffles and kill someone else. That makes it very hard to see clear patterns, in my opinion, because we still aren’t sure what exactly makes these different outcomes occur.
  17. TCB


    Yes I have thought about it a lot, which is why I look at any information I come across, for instance the links you posted above, to try and get as broad a picture as possible. We all have to live with the consequences of our actions. I wasn’t really meaning if you get sick yourself, but rather if you persuade people to not get vaccinated. Here’s the thing though, I go to work and I see unvaccinated people suffering and dying now. I hardly see a vaccinated patient in the ICU where I work. I think I have seen 3 in the last 2.5 months and 2 did not get intubated, and left back to the floor within a couple of days, and 1 died. In that same time frame I have seen many, at least 20 and probably more, unvaccinated people die. We have lost people in their 30s and 40s. I make a judgment based on what I can learn and what I can see. I look at all the information my friends post, that they are basing their rejection of the vaccine on, and it just does not add up, and is not compelling. Again, I also see what I see first hand, and in real life, and it does not back up their theories. I have given vaccines, and if you are right and I am wrong, then I will have to live with that. But I am categorically not seeing evidence for your stance, in my real life experience, looking after Covid patients.
  18. TCB


    This, unfortunately, is not my experience as a HCW of a number of my fellow HCWs. Almost without exception, the people I work with who are anti the Covid vax, have not kept up with studies or even what is going on in other parts of the world.
  19. TCB


    I agree with you about calling idiocy, or possibly ignorance for what it is. I watched those HCW videos above and both of them either lied or were ignorant, the nurse in particular. If she is working on a Covid unit taking care of mostly vaccinated people her experience is completely different than just about every HCW I’ve heard from. I don’t know what I think of a vaccine mandate now that there are significant infection breakthroughs, but the rationale she is arguing for is not logical and you can easily tell where she’s getting her information or rather misinformation. As for the testimony from the PhD witness, I’m fairly sure that data does show a reduction of infection in vaccinated, I think 5-8 fold, but don’t know if there is further data. Anyway for someone presenting a more scientific argument she also ignores the stuff that doesn’t fit with her viewpoint. Ok I just listened to more of her testimony and she is not speaking logically or ? honestly too.
  20. It’s kind of hard to be totally objective when you are in the thick of it, I think, because it feels terrible, and it’s hard to think if it really is worse than before. The last waves we had lots of older people on vents, and very, very few younger ones. The people who were ventilated very often did not do well. This time we have very few older people, and most often younger people, and very often they still don’t do well once they progress to needing to be ventilated. I think we aren’t seeing older people, because they are the group that have been vaccinated. The younger ones are unvaccinated. It seems like it maybe is more severe, because if not, why didn’t we see this population before? But I know it hasn’t necessarily been found to be more severe yet.
  21. TCB


    What will you say or think if you find out, in the future that you were wrong? And from all that I am seeing with my own eyes, and studying, and reading, I think you will be proved to be wrong. I think that of everyone I see trying to persuade against vaccination, when what I am seeing, every day I go to work, is the unvaccinated extremely sick and dying.
  22. I thought I heard that the original shot as a booster gave better protection than the Delta specific one as a booster, but I might have dreamt that lol.
  23. I’m traveling to visit my elderly parents in a couple of weeks time. I haven’t seen them for 2 years. I’m fully vaxed and being careful but, of course, have exposure at work so I’m hoping I don’t have to cancel because I get Covid. They are both double vaxed too. I will have a test a couple of days before I go, and then a PCR test on day 2. I will have access to enough lateral flow, at home, tests to be able to test at least every other day if necessary. I could possibly get more. I haven’t kept up on the recommended spacing for those tests. Does anyone know what the smart thing to do is regarding testing intervals?
  24. It sounds like you are being really careful with your dd and I understand the difficult risk/benefit equation that we have to think through as parents. It isn’t easy. I do really think that we will find that these vaccines are incredibly safe, long term, but I also know how hard it is to hear all the crazy talk around, and how much we worry about our kids. I don’t know what I would do if I had a 12 year old. I would be putting exposure risk into the equation, and trying to keep up with data on kids, just like you are. My youngest dd is 17 and we did let her get vaccinated just about as soon as she was eligible. The things that went into our equation for her were that she has grandparents overseas that she would like to visit, and being vaccinated might make that easier as well as safer, and also, that she has grandparents here that won’t get vaccinated. Some of these factors were stronger positive ones before we knew the higher possibility of breakthrough infections with Delta. After her first dose she had an episode of really loud ringing in her ears, which only lasted a second, but made me concerned about the possible tinnitus link that people were talking about. I was able to look at some figures on that from the UK, thanks to a link shared here on the WTM, and, when I discussed the % risk with my dh, he immediately felt like the equation was still definitely positive for her, so she got her 2nd dose as planned - fortunately no tinnitus. As far as risk for older people, I’m in my late 50s and I feel relief from the fact that I’m vaccinated. I consider my biggest risk factor to be my age, although I am probably 15-20 lbs overweight. I have known people my age and shape get really sick, but fortunately most have survived, but I also don’t want to go through hospitalization, and a number I know do have some long term effects. But some people that I see not surviving, may have risk factors, like being overweight, but they are like a large % of the people I see around town every day. I honestly can’t go to the store without looking at lots of people there and feeling concern for them if they should get Covid. Before the vaccine was available that was one of the big reasons I avoided public places, because it was too distressing to see these potentially at risk people not being careful. Just to add - I haven’t looked at this extensively, but I have heard several expert people that I trust, say that there is really no precedent for vaccine side effects to show up months after vaccination, let alone years, so that has also reassured me.
  25. There are sometimes free testing options here, where I am, but often you have to pay.
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