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  1. First of all is it really unlawful or just not a law they like or agree with? There is also a huge difference, in my book, between fighting against a law and breaking it. Contest and fight away, but part of living within a society and community, is obeying the laws, and choosing legal channels to change them.
  2. Are there really so many unvaccinated people who are willing to lie about it and forge documents? Is there no honor among the unvaccinated? I find that a little difficult to believe.
  3. Except India and to a lesser extent the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. But we’re not so great at remembering that there actually are other places in the world, never mind paying attention to what’s going on in them.
  4. Here’s our Covid story of the week. Dh was in a room with a client for an hour on Monday. Both were vaccinated and neither were wearing masks. Dh does have an air purifier, hepa filter, which he runs when he’s in the room, and he may well have had the window open. The client tested positive the next day, I believe was symptomatic that next day. My dh has so far not developed any symptoms, and got tested on day 4 and was negative. He’s been working from home since just in case. He had the Moderna vax, not sure which one the client had.
  5. If the conditions are anything like what I see, then I don’t think you can really draw reliable conclusions, unless they observed every interaction carefully. Patients very rarely wear masks and often wear them incorrectly if they wear them. The people at work, that I know, who have become infected with Covid, have caught it from fellow staff members, not patients, and their mask wearing is not reliable. I don’t know how anyone can come to hard and fast conclusions about mask wearing being effective, unless they are conclusions about the effectiveness of improper mask wearing. So many people do not wear them properly.
  6. I want to be Grandmamaw as in Heidi ETA not sure if that’s the right phonetic spelling or maybe it should be Grandmama with the accent on the last syllable.
  7. We had a speaker at our staff meeting talking about similar things. I haven’t tried this yet but a practical thing he suggested to turn your attitude towards gratitude was every day write down: 3 things your thankful for 2 things you like about yourself 1 I am statement - “I am sad” “I am happy” etc for that day He said it had turned his attitude around. He was talking to a group of depressed, exhausted ICU nurses so it will be interesting to see if any of us do the exercise, and if it changes things.
  8. I wonder if having a good score kind of eases your way in other areas of the admission process. If they see a good score I think they maybe don’t feel the need to scrutinize other things quite so closely.
  9. When I listened to Shane Crotty last week I believe he said the Israeli data had not been peer reviewed yet, unless that changed in the last few days, and I think he may have even said that it wasn’t fully available to be reviewed yet. So how do we know the Israeli’s have the best data? I’m kind of holding my fire on this one still, in terms of thinking we have definitive answers yet.
  10. Yes very little of it makes any sense at all.
  11. It’s interesting to me that some people are so concerned about possible long term effects of the vaccines but completely unconcerned about possible long term effects of the virus. This is old news, I know, but it struck me forcibly just now.
  12. I think they were testing for antibodies from disease not vaccination, because I would imagine they were wanting to possibly use for convalescent plasma therapy.
  13. Shane Crotty said that they do not have data yet on immunity if you are vaccinated first and then get Covid but they are studying it. He said it’s possible vaccination may dampen the immune response if you get infected, so it may be different than if you get Covid then get vaccinated. He said previously infected people who get the first vaccine then get really good protection against variants. Of course you have to survive Covid, and hopefully not end up with long Covid to get your immunity that way.
  14. I know someone who got Covid, got vaccinated and got Covid again so it can certainly happen.
  15. There was a recent TWIV podcast with Shane Crotty where he was talking about the vaccinations and immunity from infection. It was really informative I thought. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/this-week-in-virology/id300973784?i=1000534769639
  16. There are some videos on YouTube that help with preparing for the ACT science section. The man who does them goes by the name The Magnet man I think.
  17. I’m so sorry you are going through this! I will be praying for you.
  18. Praying for your daughter! It’s incredibly sad and exhausting working in those circumstances. How wonderful that she is willing to help and do these hard things! It must be especially difficult when her usual job is so very different to what she is having to do now. Praying for strength and peace for her. She is making a difference!
  19. Wow that is pretty amazing!
  20. I just did my pre flight Covid PCR test at CVS a couple of hours ago. They don’t do the rapid tests here. I’m also going to drive to a nearbyish town tomorrow where I can get an antigen test that should result within a few hours. I’m praying that one of them, at least, comes back before Wednesday afternoon when I fly, and that, of course, it’s negative. I don’t have any symptoms at all and I’ve been wearing a happy mask, or KN 95 every time I’m inside anywhere public, so hopefully all will be well. Once I get there I’m going to wear an N95 in the airport, and also in the car, and around my parents inside, until I can get tested and be clear from the journey. It’s nerve wracking for sure.
  21. @Lanny I tried to reply in the other thread but I guess it got locked right when I hit post. I just wanted to comment on the 3 Japanese men who died after being vaccinated. First of all I am really sad they died and will be really sad if it was related to the vaccine. But I wanted to tell you that we have had more than double that number of men, in that age group - 30s and 40s, die of Covid in our little podunk ICU alone, just in the last 2 months. I hope you don’t mind me saying this Lanny, but the risks in your age group are somewhat higher, so I hope so much you are able to get vaccinated, with a vaccine you feel confident in, very soon.
  22. I don’t know if this is necessarily recommended, but until recently we had to reuse N95s at work for a number of days and some people spray them with alcohol when they take them off.
  23. I don’t know what I think about a mandate. If you can test once a week there is definitely an out if you don’t want to get vaccinated and you still want to work there. I think there should also be a clause for previously infected who can still prove immunity- if that’s possible. Being vaccinated doesn’t completely prevent you spreading it but it does reduce that risk. There have been several studies recently about this, even with Delta. As for regretting doing something you thought was a sensible thing to do, because there is now a rule - how do adults even give that more than a passing thought?
  24. That makes me feel so angry. I really can’t help but hope that that woman gets sufficient feedback about her behavior that she is thoroughly ashamed of herself. What a jerky way to behave!
  25. Thank you so much for your kindness! I’m so thankful people like you are coming to help. Working through these dreadful times really results in strong bonds with the people we work with. It is one bright thing to see how well we can work together and support each other. I don’t think I will ever forget the people I’ve been working with through this.
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