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  1. Hey - I'm working through Kreeft's Socratic Logic book, and it looks like you received the answer key to the odd problems once upon a time. I e-mailed and called the press (which appears to be just one person, Bruce) four different times over the last two weeks. He's out sick and completely unreachable for the foreseeable future. Would you mind sharing? I purchased the book in part because I thought the full materials were available, and apparently it was a bait-and-switch by the publishing company. Still, I want to learn this stuff.

    I would be so, so grateful!!!

    1. TCB


      Hi! I've been meaning to get back to that thread and answer your  post. Sorry! We got it from them but it was quite a while ago.  I have been looking around on my computer etc and can't seem to find it. I'm going to get my husband to try and look on his old computer and see if it's there and if so I will let you know and send it to you.


    2. jdoe118


      Thanks so much, I really appreciate it! It would help me so much :-).

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