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  1. Woohoo! I managed to shave my legs! Baby can come whenever he wants now!
  2. Thank you. This was what I was thinking too just because anything I've ever used that's bamboo didn't last as long or clean as well as cotton. Imma order some. Now I just need to decide whether to repair the worn out straps on my diaper bag or replace the whole bag. Decisions, decisions.
  3. @Slache Which A&A swaddle would you recommend for the main purpose of using as a nursing cover? Classic (cotton), silky (bamboo), or cozy (thicker cotton)?
  4. I ESCAPED! Well, technically, DH let me. Anyway, I got to brave the grocery store. Only downside: the bottom of the sky gave way just before Oldest and I left and we all but had to swim to the minivan. Not kidding one bit when I say water was halfway to my knees in the parking lot. I might've killed my favorite Clark's leather sandals. Hoping they are dry by morning.
  5. They sweet talked me into making pie, instead. 🤣
  6. DH and Oldest are picking raspberries this morning before it gets too hot. DH said he KNOWS how much I love canning jam in such hot weather while pregnant. (Remember, no central A/C here.) I laughed and told him I've learned a thing or 2 since last time. The berries will keep just fine in the freezer until the weather cools off some and I'm ready to begin canning again.
  7. Packing the hospital bag and finishing up in the nursery today. Nothing major. Just organizing the changing table and putting fresh linens on the crib mattress and bed.
  8. It was in the high 90s here for the last few days. Today is supposed to be better. Just the 80s, but it's already humid and muggy. This is not New England weather at all. Who brought the South to the Land of the Yankees? This is so not cool.
  9. Thanks. I think I'll grab a pack and try them. The oversized receiving blankets I used before will be too hot.
  10. Anyone have experience with Aden and Anias muslin swaddling blankets? They LOOK big enough and breathable, but how much do they shrink and are they too thin to use as a cover for nursing? I don't want see through, kwim.
  11. A Fortress of Stress and Anxiety (AFSA) is WalMart and once I was enlightened, it made total sense. Also, we now have the orange tower of doom which is the online pickup thingy inside of AFSA. Sorry, I wasn't done catching up when I posted or I'd have seen that Susan already answered your question. 🤣
  12. Kiddie pools are under-rated. It may only be about a foot deep, but I just donned my maternity swimsuit and joined both Oldest and Youngest in ours for a good 20 minutes. It was refreshing and just what I needed before starting dinner. The boys are still in with DH watching.
  13. Just as we were getting ready to head to bed last night, the power went out. Came back on in less than 5 minutes but we were all thinking the same thing: "without power, there's no A/C and it will be a loooong hot night." So glad it came right back on. It could've been a real miserable night.
  14. You're right! How could I forget about the technology difference between the 2! 🤦😂🤣 Yeah, I'll get it all done. I'm just looking at how long it's going to take me and how hot it's gonna be over the next several days.
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