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  1. Sorry. I was just surprised because you seem to be SuperMom at juggling, balancing, and organizing all the things while somehow keeping up with everything here, too. I think it was just last week that I asked for the recipe.
  2. Jawdrop Think of it as an all natural remedy to take the place of both Airborne and NyQuil.
  3. The wind and snow here would laugh at the idea of you trying to make fire. You'd end up with a lovely cut of steak medium rare and flash frozen 😂
  4. CLE TMs in nearly every subject times 4 years is a LOT of tinder!
  5. You may want to look ahead in the light units to the writing assignments. I think it's 407 or 408 when they ask the student to write a story about what it would be like to live in a family being persecuted. It asks for details on how they would be treated. I plan on coming up with different writing prompts, as I've been doing for most of the units.
  6. ***EdPo***WARNING***EdPo***WARNING*** For Oldest (DS8), I ended up purchasing Trailguide to World Geography (Geo Matters) and Passport to the World (MasterBooks) to use along with the Rand McNally Classroom Atlas and Children's Atlas of God's World we already have on hand. I'm thinking we'll use the atlas drills and mapwork from TGWG and just read a 2pg spread from each of the MB books as they seems to correspond with each other well from what I saw on a YouTube video last night. I think it's plenty and will be enjoyable for us both. For reading, I'm just going to get him his own library card and have him use his library skills to search for books and read to his heart's content. If I can find some books to go along with some of the countries he's studying, even better. CLE social studies and reading have really sucked a lot of his enthusiasm for learning so I'm hoping this will help me recapture that.
  7. Morning. Dark o'clock. Am not impressed. I've been up for an hour now with Youngest, who doesn't seem to notice it's not daytime yet or that no one else is awake. Coffee: I am especially thankful you exist on mornings like this.
  8. I think the wheels on most are replaceable. Maybe you could find replacement wheels that are the same size but more durable? Might be worth checking into anyway before shopping for a replacement.
  9. Love this idea of letting him be a book critic and illustrator! I'll check our regs first, but sounds like fun.
  10. Ok. Easy enough because he tends to read a lot outside of schooltime anyway. But how do I grade that? Lol
  11. No. Sorry, I know it's hard to remember without me having a siggy. Oldest is 8yr old fourth grader. I THINK you guys use the term ds8 for this but I'm not sure.
  12. Any recommendations or premade booklist out there for world geography by continent? Not pictures books please. DS8 thinks they're too babyish Think Little House series, Boxcar Children, Charlotte's Web, Narnia books.... these are books that DS can read in a day or two and narrate well.
  13. Thanks. I spent yesterday looking around and noticed that some think the science is pretty weak and Unit 6 is like a review of sorts and optional according to some, as well. I haven't seen anything that really gets into the nuts and bolts as far as the strength and accuracy of their history and language arts, yet. I'll check all your links at lunchtime.
  14. EdPo: If I ditch our reading curriculum, what do I replace it with? Reading book after book is something Oldest enjoys but how do I turn that into the rest of our school year? I don't know what I'm supposed to actually teach in reading. I wonder if there is a reading list that goes with TGWG that I just ordered. Guess we'll soon see. If there are actual books that could double (or triple) as geography, history, and reading to go along, I would be absolutely over the moon happy. Calling out an SOS to the ITT research team!
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