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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or confidence to create my own and am in a high reg state. In addition to DS9, I have a very high energy DS1 and another baby on the way. I'll look up FUFI, though. I've never heard of it before. DS9 has read and reread all of the Chronicles of Narnia many times now and loves when we do "Narnia Trivia" and I ask questions that could be from any one of the books to see what he remembers.
  2. I've never been inside a Whole Foods before. I doubt there's one anywhere near us. If there was, I bet they would've had my elderberries. 😂
  3. That is just so sad. They we're really good. We don't have Chick-fil-A here so it's been a long time since I've eaten at one.
  4. I have. They do the multiple books thing. I'm trying to condense, as in one lesson covers multiple subjects and you're done.
  5. German pickles. They are awesome. Only carried seasonally, though.
  6. As funny as this is, I totally understand because I do love Aldi and am so thankful for one close by.
  7. Are there curriculums that cover multiple subjects at the same time? An example: the type of curriculum I'm looking for would work like Rod and Staff's Bible Nurture and Reader Series which covers Bible and Reading together in the exact same lessons. In contrast (what I'm not looking for), Sonlight gives lesson plans for each subject taught separately but within the same teacher's manual. I'm hoping there might be something that covers history, geography, reading, and Bible all in the same lesson without the need to read only a couple pages from multiple books each day. Does something like this exist?
  8. I understand and respect this and will do my best to abide by it. Can I ask you what you consider an EdPo? So far, I've considered it to only be curriculum specific questions like the recent one that turned into 24hrs of discussion about Saxon. Do you consider the one I just posted upthread about having a rough school day with Oldest an EdPo? This will help me going forward.
  9. I want THIS kind of day. This was one of those days when I seriously question my ability to homeschool for the long haul. I had to all but drag Oldest through his schoolwork kicking and screaming. Dude, you have to write stuff. It's just part of life and it's not negotiable. It's a three sentence paragraph where the text gives the sentences, you put them in order, and copy them down as a paragraph. Big whoop. You'd have thought I just demanded a 5 page essay single spaced with half inch margins in a size 10 font.
  10. ...and just because this is the kind of day I'm having, Youngest decided today is the day to make a fashion statement by dual purposing his dinner bowl as a hat. Sigh.
  11. Youngest has decided it is time for dinner NOW. He carried his step stool over to the counter and pulled his bowl of food and a fork down. So much for letting it cool off, first. I managed to convince him to bring it to the dinner table by offering him apple juice. I still can't get over how good he is at eating without making a mess. I don't think Oldest could use a fork for actual eating until he was much older.
  12. I almost posted in the kiddie pool today, but I'm undecided in so many subjects that I don't know where to begin. I felt awful after I thought I offended everyone EdPo'ing the other day, so I'm personally making a conscious effort not to anymore. I really do get some of my best curriculum ideas here on ITT, though, so I enjoy reading them. It helps me plan and exposes me to some ideas and curriculums I've never heard of before. Does Chick-fil-A still make chicken skewers? I don't think they were breaded, but grilled? It's been years, but they were sooo good!
  13. You win. Mine sounds more like a motivational cheer with pompoms than the requested cattle prod. 😂
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