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  1. Well. Your idea seems a lot more obvious than mine. I'll definitely try Etsy. Never thought they had stuff like that. Thanks.
  2. Hi folks. I know this is a total abuse of "I'm a first-timer", but I'm desperate. All other threads dedicated to this subject are long abandoned and I need an advice real soon. The plot is: Anna (7) is having her first competition in 6 weeks. I know it's a small scale stuff, but she's really nervous. And since you were talking about body type... well she's really slim, even for her age. So I thought about custom tailoring (on a budget though). Is it worth ordering it from abroad? I've found so far only this one that I like:, but I'm not sure about the seller. Has anybody ever ordered from Russia. Is it safe? I can't find any other manufacturer who does this at this price range. I know this is a bit of overkill for the first competition, but Anna has this anxiety and I thought a nice outfit might make her more confident. Also would appreciate any sort of personal experience with this matter.
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