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  1. Not negative at all! Completely understand as the greatest challenge for us, hasn’t been to teach our son facts, as much as it has been to help him understand the rigor of academic life outside of our walls. He thought I was pulling his leg when I told him most kids in accelerated classes and college do homework on the weekends 😂. We had some serious heart to hearts, some points when I thought I might lose my mind guiding him with the additional structure, etc. But he’s on board now, thankfully because he wants to be, and has fit in a really amazing routine, as of late. With that has come incredible growth with the things he has struggled with the most, and finding surprises with materials I had no idea he was as accelerated with as he is (I.e. he seems ready to take the AP Environmental Science test without needing to take the course (we’ll be reviewing everything to be on the safe side, but you could have knocked me down after he came in and told me he felt like he knew the material and then got an incredibly high score on the practice test). Homeschooling allows us the flexibility to streamline the APES and focus more on his other AP courses. Anyyyywhoooo, I’m getting off track! I think the big thing is whether you both love what you’re doing with homeschooling and want to continue with the flexibility to push farther with some things and have more time for others. So excited for you guys and the opportunities that lay ahead! Whatever you decide will be the right thing for your family! ❤️💕
  2. I've been really relieved and grateful to find that the AP Teacher Community has been pretty inclusive about letting me (homeschooling mom of 6) join the various discussion and resource boards, but haven't heard anything back from AP Biology (and received a hard no from the FB affiliated pages). I'm curious if anyone has encountered anything similar and if you have any great resources that you recommend. We have a 14 year old son who really loves science and already passed the AP Bio exam, but I'm wanting to make the curriculum a bit more interactive for our daughter as she isn't as in love with Science as he is (inhales literature and History, though!). Thank you! I've been so impressed with all of the information I've been able to find on here!
  3. Thank you so much! I really appreciate any and all pointers you have! I was recently accepted into the AP Teacher Community for Psychology, World History, Environmental Science and Human Geography, and it has be AMAZING!!!! Having access to so many things has felt like Christmas in July 😁💕! I'm hoping to get the syllabus approved ASAP so I can join in a couple of Google Drive groups for resources that require formal AP approval. AP Biology has not accepted any of my requests as of yet (on The College Board or FB), which is a bit ironic since we just found out our 8th grade son got a 4 on his AP Bio test. Have you run into any issues with this? I'm hoping that they're just taking a bit longer time with approving things, but it also occurred to me that they may be concerned about Biology being taught on a secular level within the homeschooling community (which I completely get). Do you mind if I also ask, if you have any ideas for an additional individuals looking over your student's essay questions? Do you have resources that have helped you with grading the strict essay formatting, or recommendations for individuals who might look over essays pertaining to subjects that may not be in your wheel house? Thank you for your response! Means so much!!!
  4. From a financial and collegiate perspective having DS get as much done with Dual Credits and AP as possible, would be an asset in many ways. The more credits he has under his belt the sooner he can pick harder classes (with smaller class sizes) that he may be interested in for his major when he enrolls. By that I mean, students with the highest amount of credits get to pick their classes first. This can assist in finishing his major (especially with) Math, if the courses are not already filled by other students. He could also graduate 2 years earlier and focus more on earning his Masters/PH.d, earlier on if he chooses. We have an 8th grade son who is accelerated with Science (although, perhaps not respectively as accelerated as it sounds like your son is [KUDDOS btw!]), and we've had to also weigh the pros and cons regarding the issue. We realized how much it could hold him back to not earn AP credits, compared to high schools that offer a large variety. If your son is going to be doing extremely challenging, college comparable courses, it would be an asset to earn college credit for them. Otherwise he will just have to take them again as Gen Ed courses in College <3. There are so many articles that state that colleges look at AP and SAT over any other factor for students requesting admissions. Although, I have a feeling with his Math talents he will stand out regardless.
  5. We ended up getting smashed into AP life after a couple of colleges reached out to our daughter (based off her PSAT) scores via pamplets, and said to "keep up the great work with her AP courses", While our initial start with things was pretty rocky (to put it lightly), we are excited to make the most of it. A little background story. We called to set our kids up for AP testing at our local high school (the same one that administered her PSAT test), and were told the Friday before the tests were administered, that our school district won't allow them to test homeschooled children. To make a long story short, we ended up finding a private school that would proctor late tests for both of our children in the 11th hour. After finishing, both kiddos felt even more motivated to want to complete as many AP tests as possible, which has left me spending the summer researching resources for AP World History, Human Geography, Biology, Psychology and Environmental Science. I think I've found some great text books, links from The College Board themselves and have begun to delve into the options from extremely generous teachers that post their resources online, but wanted to double check to see if anyone has recommendations that could make this even just a tad bit easier. Not having answer keys to various things has been a kicker and I would love to know if anyone has resources they found to be extremely helpful in that regard. And any advice from all of you veteran AP testing parents in greatly appreciated! ❤️
  6. Thank you so much! And you are right! I was so excited to see that my request to join the World History Community was approved! Now to get approved for 4 more courses, lol. But I did look back through and pulled up the info about the "new and exciting opportunities for this year though the College Board" which included a way to track students and offer quizzes and tests that the College Board is providing access to. I have been so busy trying to sift through the information in the Discussion Board, I'm having a hard time finding the link. But I know it's supposed to be something new for this year <3. Do you know if there are any Summer AP programs that are still accepting reservations or individuals who want to attend (I'm still scrolling through to see if I can find any)? I had been told all of these things, including listing courses as AP and the teacher access, were unavailable to homeschooling parents <3. Thank you again!
  7. Hi Brígid in NC, I’m still learning the ropes on this site, so I apologize that I can’t reply directly yet. Here is a link under the Teachers Community and it shows Discussions board and Resource Center, as you scroll down. https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/professional-development/ap-teacher-community It’s a new community that allows teachers to trade various ideas, papers for AP related subjects, additional resources, etc. It seems like it would be an incredible asset and it worries me that they may be excluding homeschoolers, as you can only join with an official school email or a link to a roster for your school. Hoping they have a way for homeschoolers to join. I was planning to call this evening to double check but thought I would ask here while I was reading the info regarding AP test scores ❤️💕! (P.S. Hello 👋, nice to meet everyone!)
  8. Anybody able to check for Indiana 😜? Also, has anyone learned about joining the new AP Resource and Discussion board? As of right now, it seems like it’s only open to schools (from what I can see) 😔?
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