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  1. We've had good results from Spelling You See. I used SWO back in the day, but it felt too much like busywork. Others used to recommend Natural Speller, but I don't hear much about that one anymore. Spelling Power could be an option for you, but I haven't used it myself.
  2. This is a tough season for us. It will get a lot better once my #3 has her driver's license. Until then, I schlep her to her community college classes 2x a week. The three littles stay home with #2 on those days, and their productivity varies considerably from day to day. We haven't signed up for spring semester yet, so we don't know what our schedule will look like after Christmas break. Our hits so far: -- BJU Math, with a break for my 6th grader to use the Key To workbooks for a while. I switched from Singapore Math when #3 was in about third grade, and we've stuck with it for K-6 for the littles. -- George Washington's World. I bought Notgrass American History over the summer, but didn't have time to plan it out. So as a stopgap, I handed the 5th and 6th graders George Washington's World and they LOVE it. My olders never wanted to read it as a supplement. We'll pick up with Notgrass when they finish GWW. -- Spelling You See. -- FLL. Our old standby. My youngest is almost done with our spiral bound 1+2 and it's bittersweet to watch her finish all these curricula my kids have grown up using. -- Orbiting with Logic for my 5th grader. He loved it. -- Explode the Code. Another one that's going away. ::sniff-sniff:: -- Wordly Wise 3000 and Vocabulary from Classical Roots. The 6th grader seems to enjoy VfCR more than WW3000, so I'm going to have the 5th grader give it a try as well, and then switch him if he likes it. I paused the 2nd grader on WW3000 because I thought some of the exercises were over her head. So rather than skip them, I'm going to make her wait or I'll find an alternative. -- Analytical Grammar for the 6th grader. She's really starting to get the hang of identifying the parts of speech consistently. -- WWE. Another forever favorite. We're adding in the beta test of Write By Number and that's going well (Shameless plug -- I'm doing the page layout for the author, a longtime friend.). Meh: -- Science. It's always the first spinning plate to fall. I had big plans for continuing a small co-op group from last year to do earth and space this year, using R.E.A.L. Science, Ellen McHenry's Rocks and Dirt, and Master Books. But with a big book design project (see above), we're having to be content with just reading the Master Books for now. I'm not all that impressed with them. My 5th grader blows through them, though, so I'm glad he's enjoying them for now. I hope to get to all of our cool experiments in the spring. Misses: -- A teen without a driver's license. -- All the stuff I have that we're not doing. (WTM math facts books, anyone?) -- A Child's Story of America. I've had it lying around forever. The 2nd grader is working slowly through it, but neither of us enjoys it. I think the reading level is over her head. I feel like I've forgotten something... oh well. I always love these winners-and-losers threads. They're so much fun to read.
  3. Paradox5, if you go to the "About Me" menu at the website, there's a "Contact Me" link. You can e-mail us from there and we'll get things sorted out.
  4. Oh no! I'm the right hand over at the forum. I think you just might need a new password. We had some spam registrations awhile back.
  5. Would any of you be willing to help out my friend? She's a veteran homeschooler and former classroom teacher, and she's in the process of producing the writing program she's been using for nearly 30 years. It's called Write by Number, and she's looking for a few more beta testers to help her with fine-tuning it before going to press this fall. She welcomes all grades and schooling situations (independent homeschool, co-op, charter, brick-and-mortar), but she'd particularly like older students to try out the upper levels of the program. You can get more details at Beta testers get 20% off their first purchase of the finished product. If you're interested, shoot her an e-mail at and put "Beta tester" in the subject line. Thanks, Hive!
  6. Well, this is awkward. I stopped hanging out here about four years ago and when I got back, it's like my local supermarket completely rearranged all the shelves. I'm probably posting on the wrong board, but the General Ed board feels the most like the bread and dairy aisle. So if I'm lost, just point me toward the milk and pardon my muttering about mozzarella. So... a re-introduction. I'm Brenda, I live in the Los Angeles area, and I started homeschooling in 2003 with a precocious 4yo. Found a copy of the first edition of WTM at a Crown Books and away we went. Sixteen years later, that 4yo is working her way through college, and this fall the rest of my minions will be in 12th, 11th, 6th, 5th, and 2nd. When I'm not doing school or church stuff, I'm helping my good friend start a blog and produce a writing curriculum. I don't know if anyone remembers me from the old days of the Hive Mind (I also went by Brenda FOS), but I thought I'd say hello before I post all kinds of stuff in the Classifieds. Speaking of which, if you're in the greater L.A. area, we're having a used book sale tomorrow in Burbank. Details here: So... hey! How's it going? What did I miss? 🖐️ --Brenda
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