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  1. Consider your vote counted. 👍 Spiral definitely has some pros, but it has certain cons that are leading us to rule it out for now. 1.) Durability. The books are meant to be used from year to year, and spiral softcover books in my world are pretty beat up after a couple of years. (I worry about Wire-O and three-ring for this same reason.) 2.) Spine. Spiral-bound books can be frustrating to keep on a shelf, as can three-ring binders. The larger printers that service self-publishers won't do spiral or comb bind because there's no spine you can read on a bookstore shelf. Not that ma
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Lori! I always appreciate your insight and experience. I have so many files in my homeschooling folder on my hard drive with your name in the title, it's a little scary. LOL. I may go ahead and take your suggestion about having people post here, even it makes it more difficult to tally all the responses. I love how Google Forms will automatically dump everything into a spreadsheet for me, but I don't love how choosing that option requires e-mail address collection. That's why the poll has an "opt-in" check box, so we don't contact people who don't want to hear fro
  3. If you're close enough to an IKEA, you can check to see if they're still doing "click and collect." I had to go pick up some mounting rails for the girls' room a few weeks ago, and they were already enforcing social distancing in the waiting line. It was a pretty smooth process.
  4. I'm graduating my dyslexic 16yo dd early this year. It took her more than a year to get through Algebra I, and rather than put her through geometry or Algebra II, I opted to sign her up for a business math course through the community college. I was hesitant at first, but this fits her career goals and ability. If she were in public school, she'd have an IEP anyway. She had all her requirements done except for math and PE, so this year we have focused on those and technical theater. She was blissfully happy until the pandemic hit.
  5. My friend is finishing up her K-12 writing program, but she's stuck on choosing a binding. She's trying to find a healthy balance of usability, durability, and cost. I set up a Google form to help her collect feedback. Would y'all mind taking two minutes to give your two cents? 😀 Here's the link: Help us choose the binding for Write by Number! ETA: By special request, I'll also be taking responses here in this thread. Google Forms makes it convenient for me to post the link to the poll in multiple locations, and it automatically collects all the responses in one easy spreadsheet. It'
  6. We've had good results from Spelling You See. I used SWO back in the day, but it felt too much like busywork. Others used to recommend Natural Speller, but I don't hear much about that one anymore. Spelling Power could be an option for you, but I haven't used it myself.
  7. This is a tough season for us. It will get a lot better once my #3 has her driver's license. Until then, I schlep her to her community college classes 2x a week. The three littles stay home with #2 on those days, and their productivity varies considerably from day to day. We haven't signed up for spring semester yet, so we don't know what our schedule will look like after Christmas break. Our hits so far: -- BJU Math, with a break for my 6th grader to use the Key To workbooks for a while. I switched from Singapore Math when #3 was in about third grade, and we've stuck with it for K-6
  8. Paradox5, if you go to the "About Me" menu at the website, there's a "Contact Me" link. You can e-mail us from there and we'll get things sorted out.
  9. Oh no! I'm the right hand over at the forum. I think you just might need a new password. We had some spam registrations awhile back.
  10. Would any of you be willing to help out my friend? She's a veteran homeschooler and former classroom teacher, and she's in the process of producing the writing program she's been using for nearly 30 years. It's called Write by Number, and she's looking for a few more beta testers to help her with fine-tuning it before going to press this fall. She welcomes all grades and schooling situations (independent homeschool, co-op, charter, brick-and-mortar), but she'd particularly like older students to try out the upper levels of the program. You can get more details at writebynumber.com.
  11. Well, this is awkward. I stopped hanging out here about four years ago and when I got back, it's like my local supermarket completely rearranged all the shelves. I'm probably posting on the wrong board, but the General Ed board feels the most like the bread and dairy aisle. So if I'm lost, just point me toward the milk and pardon my muttering about mozzarella. So... a re-introduction. I'm Brenda, I live in the Los Angeles area, and I started homeschooling in 2003 with a precocious 4yo. Found a copy of the first edition of WTM at a Crown Books and away we went. Sixteen years later, that 4y
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