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  1. The MAIN focuses of TGatB is God-centered learning, Literature being very clean (no cuss words, racism, etc.) and connecting as a family. The producer is a Latter Day Saint, but her material is just focused on God and family. Assuming that all Latter Day Saints have pictures of Utah is the same as saying All Christians wear crosses. We don't all have pictures of Utah or even the temples in our houses (or even crosses for that matter). Please leave prejudices off the board. I like the curriculum but I won't be using it, even though I am a Latter Day Saint. I want my daughter to read great works
  2. Lego Builder. Minecraft on her kindle, just her in the world and in creative. Lego Friends driving one. I know it's for girls but I think both genders would find it fun. Coloring book and puzzle apps. We love Dr. Panda games! Poptropica is great. Not an app but still great.
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