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  1. For someone who loves literature and occasionally relies on homework help, Bartleby is an excellent resource. Along with writing and homework help, the website features free collection of some of the best works of literature of the 18th and 19th century and free eBooks. It also features Harvard Classic shelf of fiction and King James' version of the Holy Bible. Another resource is Cram, a website featuring free online flash cards that allows using and creating flash cards to memorize better.
  2. Thanks a lot for taking time to compile this. Really helps.
  3. Wow, thanks a lot for sharing this resource. The whole saga is interesting and makes problem solving enjoyable. A solution page would have been great though.
  4. This was such an illuminating thread and will definitely be using this for my kids!
  5. These seem like such great resources. I am especially hopeful to find some worksheet that i can use for my kids. Now that i have abundantly received from this thread and other threads on this forum- i'd also like to share something that i do with my homeschooled students from my community. When i give them homework to do at home, I often give them different ways to solve the advanced problems and also tell them about the possibility of using archives on sites like Bartleby to take help of experts, i have noted that when i share the idea that it is alright to ask for help, they obviously becom
  6. Hey, my student is a fast learner and really enjoyed challenges. The diagrams from textbooks did not serve my student also. I was able to print copies from online sources along with some recommended biology textbooks from trustworthy sources. It also helped that the student was strong with the foundational concepts.
  7. I think it would be wonderful to travel around in Asia too. An acquaintance did that and it was much cheaper than travelling in Europe while being a complete perception-shifted. Your son should consider vietnam and india definitely.
  8. This is really interesting. So, one can post for critique here? That is really helpful to know. My kids are too young for literary analysis but will definitely seek help with their work later on.
  9. I don't understand why this might have been reported. I in fact think that this is an important conversation to be had with teenagers. I have heard that scandinavian countries see better reproductive health and sexuality choices by teenagers because they are given the choice to learn and understand the process and importance of sexuality. The rate of unwanted pregnancies among teenagers is also much less there. Now about this essay, I would also encourage the person to use proofreading and editing services or you can even use free writing tools. Or as SammySommers mentioned, you can find
  10. This thread has been very informational for me because i have been wondering about what it means when my children are mostly exposed to only my worldview. I think i will look at the Reading Detective sources. Thanks.
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