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  1. Junie, I am so sorry you suffer from this awful neuro issue too. I was diagnosed as a child and went chronic 9 years ago. I keep a set of ear plugs attached to my purse for occasions like this. They are the sort that dampen noise, but don't silence it. They would be perfect to take the edge of the noise at a recorder concert. They are called Downbeats and I bought them on Amazon.
  2. Happy Mother's Day! Took the kids to church this morning and now I am fighting another round with some chronic health issues. Hoping to tough it out and avoid my medication as long as possible so I can enjoy the day with my kids. Hubby is making ribs and corn on the cob for dinner since they will be come giant no-no's very shortly. I have an IRL friend who is walking the same path with her mother. It is such a difficult, arduous, heart wrenching journey. I am so very sorry. 😞
  3. New top was a flop. Spent the rest of the afternoon cutting and sewing skorts so my thighs won't touch and I won't die this summer. Going to have to figure something out in the shirt department or there will be complaints made by the neighbors. UTI's are the worst! Hope that prescription has you feeling better soon.
  4. Today's plan is to work on sewing a few tops for spring and stuff my face with things like Starburst, Laffy Taffy and caramel. T-minus 4 days to spacers and 11 days to braces. Eat all the naughty things!
  5. Thank you... I think? The fairy gardens are darling! What a creative use of succulents!
  6. Vinegar smells better than cat pee. 🤷‍♀️ Tastes better on salad too. Nature's Miracle should do the trick though. It's good stuff.
  7. What about a good soak in a white vinegar and water solution? Congrats on a successful first day!
  8. Well, that makes sense. Thank's for the heads up on the booyas too! Jean, you are a saint for not throttling that woman.
  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thanks! It was the randomness which drew me into this crazy thread! I haven't a clue what ITT is, but thank you! 🙂 I hope this Thursday has treated you all well. I am thrilled because today was our last day of co-op and Thursdays will once again belong to us. Now if only baseball/softball season would end!
  10. Curiosity got the best of me. Had to find out why a thread titled "Ignore this thread!" had nearly 3500 pages. Got to be a bit nosy and felt guilty for peeping in without saying hello. So, hello!
  11. I am a fountain pen fan too! I usually stick with a cartridge, but I have one that has a converter I use with bottled ink. Perhaps one day I will be generous enough to allow my children to use them, but for now I hoard them for myself! I'd very much enjoy writing on a chalkboard as a vintage supply, but I'd rather not introduce that much dust into a home I am in charge of cleaning. Whiteboard it is!
  12. My eldest is making the transition from elementary school towards middle school. As I peered down the road in our homeschool journey, I began to feel out of my depth and a bit panic stricken with the thought of navigating the waters of high school lurking around the next bend. I've spent the last few days mining these boards for nuggets of wisdom from those ahead of me on this journey, following rabbit hole after rabbit hole. With all my gleaning from these boards I have managed to put together some semblance of a long term plan and I am please to report the ground beneath my feet is feeling firmer by the moment. Thank you for allowing me to share in your wealth of information!
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