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  1. We LOVE this stuff! It was recommended to us by a doctor as well. We have used it for a few years now and it works. My kids use it too. I have a tendency to get headaches as well from sinus pressure, thus alleviates that naturally. It isn't an antihistamine but it does keep things clean and washed out. I have no concerns with the xylitol. If there is irritation or infection it does burn a little but that seems to alleviate once it starts getting flushed out. Maybe it's just me. Small price to pay I think!
  2. RightStart math is mastery AND spiral. It is spiral in the presentation of topics and mastery through the constant review and instant recall (accomplished through playing games). It is very conceptual and engaging. On the downside some say it is teacher intensive, although the lessons are designed to be short and there are a lot of moving parts (manipulatives) that go with it. They typically open each lesson with mental math drills of basic facts and a review lesson for what was previously taught. Then they move on to the lesson. I always liked that it was scripted as well. They also intertwine geometry from the very beginning! We have since moved on from RightStart but used it for years and were very pleased. Kids that I know who have used it do have instant recall and mastery of facts. Pretty cool! Good luck choosing, there are so many great choices out there!!!
  3. Years ago I used a book called, My Body. The author is Patricia Caratello. It is basically a book with patterns of life size organs that kids can cut out and do just as you have you have described. It's a paperback, consumable type and not overly expensive. Have fun!
  4. We have used RightStart for years and have always been very pleased with it. While it is a spiral math curriculum it is designed to also be mastery. The mastery comes with the games. I agree with Jackie that the same end goal can be accomplished with flash cards. The idea with the games is to complete as many facts as you can, in game form, and then often times write those facts down in a journal. We have always loved the games but have used flash cards in a rush as well. Same thing! The main idea is to master those facts and be able to recall them quickly (same as how much of the RightStart lessons start out with their review).
  5. As a lifelong allergy sufferer (and one who has been to the allergiest A LOT), I will also have to vote nasal sprays along with Claritin or Zyrtec. We use Nasacort (OTC) but our doctor just yesterday recommended Flonase along with Zyrtec. Spray in the morning and take the Claritin or Zyrtec before bed. Good luck!!
  6. We have used Sea Salt a lot, especially when we owned rental properties. We have also used it in our own home. With our rentals we painted the entire house, every room, with it. Sometimes it gives off a green tint, other times a bluish tint. I have always found it to be fresh and airy and wonderful for smaller spaces. Against white it gives a cottage type feel (I think). It might be too light against white cabinets but if you have a dark space it will definitely lighten it up. I actually stumbled across Sea Salt a few years ago when I was trying to find a paint that complimented darker old fashioned cabinets. We weren't able to upgrade the color of the cabinets so painting the walls is what we went with. It was an amazing compliment to darker oakish cabinets and really lightened it up. We have always had a lot of compliments from tenants! Good luck choosing!
  7. I agree with the Memoria Press (MP) enrichment. It is all organized for you: A book to read aloud, a famous artist and composer along with a picture and music to listen to, a craft, a poem, and so on. It is easy enough to remove what you don't want and add in what you do. Their book selections seems to be quality choices as well that are very engaging to kids that age.
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