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  1. I also suggest you go to a good thyroid doc, well for products I suggest you use Regenepure hair products, I also use this product and I get a good result every time. I bought my stuff from Regenepure Coupons, but I must say once consult with good trichologist also.
  2. In my opinion, Reecoupons is best options for buying online furniture.
  3. I have a 6splus, I bought it 6 months ago and its quite working very well, I suggest you to buy this one.
  4. I mostly use to buy my clothes like t-shirts, pants and other stuff from Reecoupons, because, in my opinion, they can't compromise the quality of stuff, luckily nowadays they are offering 80% off on all their stuff, I bought plenty of dresses from there, I am sure you will find the shirt there.
  5. I would recommend you to buy from Zenni
  6. I still confused about the desert, I still not decided what to make.
  7. This post seems lil bit old, But in future when will you need a pillow once must check on My pillow.
  8. I dont have any experience to buy anything from Amazon.
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