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  1. We corrected my daughter's overbite when we noticed that she wasn't eating properly because her teeth weren't aligned and when she developed a slight lisp from the front teeth being too far out front.
  2. I love mixing antique, new and handmade. If you want the pieces to blend well, I might even recommend that you consider changing out the handles or hinges with more modern kinds.
  3. This is such a fascinating topic. I love seeing language evolve. One this I do in text that I wish I saw more often was abbreviating names. I'm mostly texting other mom friends about our kids/husbands. I nearly always use just the first initial for names; sort of how I saw written in victorian-era hand-written letters. I don't see that nearly as often as I prefer. I also wish I could just respond with the letter "k" instead of "Okay. Sounds good!" but I've heard that "k" is rude.
  4. Ugh. This is the "every kid gets a participation trophy" style of teaching history "You're a hero! And you're a hero! Everyone's a hero!" I bet that school might not fully appreciate just who I would start to label heroes and reformists.
  5. As a knitter I didn't want to leave your post unanswered. I don't have a ribbed hat pattern but I have three other tried and true patterns: 1) Purl Soho Classic Cuffed Hat. I love the classic look, it's way easy, and has many size options. 2) Double Thick Hat by Kareema Ali. I made it in fingering but since it's golden in on itself, the weight is more worsted. So many customization options too. 3) Thorpe Hat. I admit that I haven't made this yet but it's on my queue for this winter. Looks well designed. https://ravel.me/thorpe
  6. Oh my goodness. Thank you everyone! I have a long list of research topics, phone calls to make, experts to find and books to read. I'm a smidge overwhelmed but I finally have a direction to start and some concepts to learn about. I even took everything mentioned above and created a prioritized task list that will start working on them tomorrow. Somebody above was concerned about safety; everyone is fine. There's no concern about any danger. Thank you for keeping an eye out for that. I'll come back with any updates as time goes on.
  7. Wow. I think I have some phone calls to make. I do have another question. Has anyone here had to convince their spouse that whatever is going in with the kid might not actually be a product of unstructured parenting? My spouse has stated that he believes that adhd has been massively over-diagnosed and "adhd" kids are (including ours), for the most part, products of permissive parenting, too much technology, etc. My goal is to do right by my kid but I know it'll be so much easier if spouse and I can be on the same page.
  8. He said that he was confused by the teacher telling him too many things at once. Sometimes he'll say he was bored in class or that he can't hear the teacher well. As this kiddo's parent, I know that he only rarely takes responsibility for his outbursts. But I also know that he is so easily distracted by all the cool drum equipment. He's on a swim team and in a robotics class. He's gotten into trouble a couple of times in swim but I think that swimming feeds a constant tactile need and he does a fine most of the time. He has complained a couple times about robotics being "boring" during the coding portions but when he gets back to building with his hands he loves it again.
  9. I need to vent but I also absolutely love advice so I don't keep finding myself in this situation. My dear, very high-energy 8yo boy was just dropped from the place he was taking drum lessons. Two different teachers said he had behavioral problems (not listening, not following instructions, etc.). I absolutely agree that he was disrespectful and not following instructions and he and I have had many, many talks about listening/obeying teachers, etc. My kiddo has said many times that he loves drums, wants to play music, etc. but when he's in the lessons, he acts out. So, he's been dropped as a student; he's disappointed and I'm embarrassed. I'm embarrassed that my son (whom I love) keeps getting in trouble in public ways. First it was in kindergarten when he was in the principal's office weekly for being a disturbance in class, not listening, etc. The kindergarten teacher completed her own form and said that he had adhd and recommended medication. I ended up withdrawing him and we've been homeschooling ever since. He was already labeled by the school as a "bad kid," was frequently missing recess due to being in "detention," and they even were threatening to withdraw academic help. But it's been a couple of years and he's still not getting to participate in activities. I am so conflicted on the adhd thing. He totally might have it. But, he might also be just a high-energy, easily-distractable kid that is thriving in the homeschool world. He's crazy smart in math, engineering, science, etc. He's reading just fine. I can easily accommodate any and all of his needs to move or change subjects or even teach any subject in different ways. I'm sad that he might not get to participate in "normal school" though unless he's medicated. If medication truly is the best thing for his little growing body, then we'll look into that. I know it's selfish but I do get embarrassed when his "non-normal" behavior shows up in public. He does absolutely great in his robotics class and swim team. I thought drums would also be great; but I suppose not. Even so, he does have good musical rhythm, I thought this would be a good outlet for that. Anyway, like I said. I needed to vent. But, I also totally welcome any ideas or advice.
  10. He sounds like he's old enough to learn about how virus particles disperse in outdoor air. Perhaps he'd appreciate watching (scientific, authoritative) videos how viruses scatter in the wind. Or, perhaps if you have a family friend who's a doctor who can explain that info to him? Is he the kind of kid where getting more information would help sooth fears?
  11. We only wear Happy Masks and Enro. Nearly all of them are holding up really well. My 8yo has a habit of licking, sucking, and chewing on things, so I have had to replace 1-2 of his. I feel like the masks do still make a good seal. I try to wash weekly (or sooner if necessary). Teacher Husband and 12yo wear theirs everyday at school for about 7 hours. ETA: fix typos
  12. If they're really cautious, would they consider requiring the kids to test before coming?
  13. My 12yo got it on her 12th birthday. She had a slightly sore arm the rest of the day and had a minor headache. Didn't want any pain medicine. Felt back to normal the next morning. For her second shot, any arm soreness/headache was even less.
  14. You could do what my then 2yo did when he saw a hole in a wall of our home: push several dozen q-tips into it. So, that future home remodeler will have those to find. 😂
  15. At this point I'm not necessarily "locking down" but rather not going to the locations/towns/businesses that don't take serious covid protocols. Here in Southern California, I've been tracking the cases this entire pandemic in our town and the town next to us. Both have pretty similar demographics; college towns, lots of professional upper-income jobs with a sizable lower income section of town. However, our town has continued to have at least 3.5 times fewer covid cases and the other town's cases are increasing much faster than ours too. On social media all through the last 1.5 years has been a stark difference: Our social media: People take each other to task for *not* wearing masks. Their social media: Anti-mask posts are frequent and very common. Our town: parents petitioning school to add still more safety measures to school (above the many, many protocols in place. Their town: people disrupt the school board mtg to loudly demand they remove even the mask mandate the state requires of them. Our churches: Nearly every church is still meeting outside and or via zoom. Their churches: only offer indoor services; no recommendations to wear masks. Our former church (I call it former. Husband would still like to go there someday) held their 90th anniversary yesterday - indoors, no masking, with food, lots of singing, and a children's choir. Anyway, Long story long, we know so much already about how covid (including Delta) transmits that is not necessary to completely lock down but rather "spend our social energy" on participating in the safer activities in the safer locations. Not perfect, but not as depressing lonely for my outgoing husband.
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