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  1. COFFEE! Also, I very much want to meet this Wizard. The Wizard. I'm hoping he can help convince my dog to stop eating all my daughter's food when she temporarily abandons mealtime to greet her pet unicorn.
  2. This is the thread that never ends Yeah, it's superior to other trends Friends start out scratching their heads in confusion, perhaps But then the laughter strikes and they gratefully tip their caps... 😉
  3. I'm brand new here. Hello, fellow classical educators! This is clearly the most important thread, so I figured I'd start by posting here. 🙂 I have a 5 year old daughter. This morning, she donned a Gryffindor dress and robe, grabbed a wand, and proceeded to be the most focused homeschooling version of herself I've ever seen. Hermione gets stuff done. We took breaks for spell lessons here and there, during which I was schooled in how to properly pull off the "swish and flick" for Wingardium Leviosa (among other magical tasks). She was an excellent teacher. I hope Hermione shows up agai
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