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  1. Thank you both for your responses! I am going to start with Apples Daily Spelling Drill and see how that works. Now to start researching math programs!
  2. I am starting to put together a partial curriculum for D12 at her request. I hs'd when she was younger, but she has been at private/public school for the past 4 1/2 years. One of the subjects she is asking to do is spelling - she is horrible at it. She reads a lot, but it's almost exclusively audiobooks (she has a hard time focusing on printed words, even if she enjoys what she's reading). I don't know what spelling programs are out there for older children. When she was in 2nd grade, I used Sequential Spelling, but she started private school in 3rd grade, and we didn't continue. DD feels that the memorizing lists of words method (what the school did) wasn't helpful in the least. She is very much a pattern and logic person, and needs to see a connection between what she is learning, and why.
  3. Hello! I homeschooled my oldest (D12) from K-2 before family circumstances put her and our other two children (D9 & S7) into private school. D12 recently switched from private to public school, but really wants to hs again (she is bored to tears and doesn't care for the drama). I would like to start afterschooling her, potentially transitioning her back to hs for high school (she has to show me she is able to self-motivate and take responsibility). WTM was a great resource when I hs'd before, and now that she's in a completely different stage, I need to start researching again. Private school works for my other two, but I would like to roll them in when I start doing history with D12.
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