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  1. Blue Heron Academy. We were watching the heron out our window when we came up with it.
  2. Thank you! With the lines, it looked as if it should be vertical...but they show it as horizontal, too. I still can't get my mind around it, but at least I know I am hanging it correctly :)
  3. I am very interested in seeing photos of wall time lines, too. I am stumped as to how to start!
  4. I just finished putting together my plans (we start school in September here). If you want, I can send that to you. It's an excel doc. We are doing it in one year because she will touch on these topics again in 8th grade and 12th grade.
  5. ...now what? This might sound dumb, but at they vertical or horizontal? This is our first year using a wall time line. We've been using notebook pages until now. Does anyone using these have a photo of how your wall looks that you can share with me? I am a visual person and I am not getting this. Help?! And thanks!
  6. I am not familiar with House of Education...can you share a link? Thanks!
  7. Thank you for sharing! That is a great offer...it sounds like an awesome poster!
  8. I hadn't heard of this...looks great! Now I want to buy it. :)
  9. Would you be willing to share some of your resources? Which shows, games, and books would you recommend? I am thinking about this program for next year. Thanks!
  10. I've listened to her lectures that focus on the elementary and middle grades and they are wonderful. I have actually listened to them more than once because they are so helpful.
  11. We are in the second rotation of biology and life science this year (my dd is grade 5). We are following TWTM advice and using How Nature Works and How the Body Works along with a science encyclopedia. There are lots of experiments in both of those books.
  12. I am following SWB lecture on writing and since it corresponds with history or science we do writing directly after those subjects, when the material is fresh in her mind.
  13. I haven't heard of Quia...is that a free website?
  14. We loved Junior Analytical Grammar last year...definitely continuing on with that program. It was the first time my dd said, "Yeah! Grammar!"
  15. Thank you all! My dd is 10 and we are doing 1 hour, 3 times a week. I am going to try and come up with something and appreciate all your help!
  16. For those of you who use Latina Christiana, how do you schedule it during the week? Are you doing one lesson a week? Do you review flash cards from previous weeks? I just can't seem to get a grasp on Latin and a solid schedule or plan would be most helpful. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you, Brandie
  17. Thank you, I am going to check into that!
  18. Thank you, I will definitely check into that. It would be great to have while we are driving to activities.
  19. This is so helpful, thank you! It does look like a lot of work up front, but then I think it will help make the rest of my year more manageable. :001_smile:
  20. Thank you both! I think we will use it as a read aloud.
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