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  1. Thank you! Oh, I will have a look at the free resources. Thank you. I'm Canadian and I miss having access to a great network of resources! HA HA! Australia is just too far away. I have just realized that the question I really have is how many of you transitioned to classical education. It is a very different way to teach the children and I wonder if we are new at it whether to start at the beginning or to jump in at the required level. For instance, We have gone with ALL about spelling ( for spelling), after extensive reading, I realized there may have been things
  2. Hello! thank you for replying! We were using a mix of curriculm. Mainly what has been set out by the Australian government standards. My children have always done very well academically and exceeded expectations. Yes. I am using Writing with Ease. Yes. Rod and Staff or First language lessons may be the way to go, I can use the IEW writing curriculum but I have been told it's intense. I am wondering which one would be a good fit for my son. He loves to read but is ADHD and has a hard time with concentration. it's great when he reads.. not so great when it is something he doesn't l
  3. Hello. We are in our first term ( semester) of the Well trained curriculum. We are based in Australia. My son is in year 4 and my daughter is in year two. It has been a huge enterprise changing all of our curricula. We were unable to buy it all outright so we have been bits and pieces each fortnight. It's dreadfully expensive here! Here are my questions. Is Fix it grammar ( IEW) enough for my son to cover this year? it only takes us fifteen minutes a day and I am concerned it is leaving out other important components in English. I am unsure what level to use for writi
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