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  1. Are there any apps or online programs that target/teach critical thinking skills for young elementary students? I’m looking for something like Reading Eggs or Time4Learning but teaches analogies, deductive reasoning, etc.
  2. I have a young 1st grader (won't be six until November), and I still feel new to homeschooling (kindergarten was my first year). Looking through all the curriculum choices has been overwhelming, but this is what I think we will use: Math: Singapore Dimensions 1A/1B Handwriting: HWOT "My Printing Book" (may switch to Zaner-Bloser when HWOT completed) Language Arts: FLL 1, WWE 1, Explode the Code 1 1/2 (for review) 2 - 3 (and then maybe 4 and/or 5), "I Can Read It!" Word List and books. LWOT's Building Better Writers (will start with A). I also plan to supplement with Voyages in English. I may incorporate AAS 1 during the second half of the year. It depends on how well we go through ETC. Science: Scientific Connections Through Inquiry 0, Generation Genius, Little Passports Science Jr. kits Art: Evan-Moor's "How to Teach Art to Children." Social Studies: Undecided. Continue to cover geography. Not sure what other topics we will cover.
  3. Thank you, all. This is very helpful. I will start with Explode the Code and reassess later in the school year.
  4. Would it be overkill to do Explode the Code (would start with book 2) with All About Spelling for a first grader? I am new to homeschooling (have only done kindergarten so far) and I’m trying to figure out Language Arts for the fall. (I also plan to use Handwriting without Tears and Voyages in English for grammar). Thank you.
  5. Has anyone used this for first grade? I am considering using it for the fall. Thank you.
  6. Placed in wrong forum
  7. Has anyone used this? I would love to hear your reviews. Thank you.
  8. Thank you both. I do have some follow up questions: 1. Did you use anything else to supplement handwriting, phonics, spelling, any other language arts? If so, what? 2. Clickie, how did you decide what order to complete the book since you didn’t go in order?
  9. I’m considering using Level B for my first grader this fall and I would love to hear reviews. Thank you.
  10. This is my first post! I am considering using Dimensions PreK for my youngest son. Do I need to purchase the Teacher’s Guide, Textbook and Workbook? Or can I just purchase one or two of them? Thank you.
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