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  1. That is helpful! Thank you. I want to like it as well. We were tired of it after 3 levels so we switched to something else but I thought I might try again with my youngest. He enjoys some of it but not all.
  2. I’ve used books 1-3 with younger students. We enjoyed it but I don’t know that I ever felt they wrote better as a result. So I am looking for reviews for Any of you who have gone further with it, particularly those who have used all levels. How did you feel it prepared your writers? We use TOG and I’m struggling with whether I should just do their assignments all the way through or use W&R and see it through more levels. This is for my upcoming 4th grader.
  3. We have used R&S for 3rd and we dabbled with FLL for 1st and 2nd, along with some memory videos and talking through sentences. We also have used WWE, lots of narrations and dictation and are just now picking up CAP W&R for writing. For 4th grade, I’m trying to decide between MCT or R&S 4 for grammar. I have always used R&S with my 4 older kids. We will use W&R for writing and use some TOG assignments along the way too. That is the background. So what pieces would I need of MCT for just grammar? Would it be worth bothering with or would I be better to continue what I know?
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