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  1. On the other hand, if a vaccine regime that works and is safe for adults proves to either be ineffective, or unsafe, for children, it's an even bigger problem to give it to children in the middle of a pandemic than otherwise. The testing is necessary, even if the slow pace is frustrating. (Though there's also the point that a lot of places may well have a vaccine with approval for children before all the adults in those places that want vaccine have received it. Having a pediatric vaccine approved today is only going to change things if enough vaccine exists in an area for children to get d
  2. Another thing I'd ask is whether she knows how to self-advocate effectively, and when and where to do so. If not, the plan needs to include assistance in learning these things, because that is ultimately how she will get through life without other people talking about her diagnosis behind her back.
  3. Third edition TWTM says in the footnote of the first high school science page that "In high school, earth science gives way to a more intensive study of astronomy." I think this is to do with a fairly specific vision of neoclassical education, at least partly driven by a tendency for the most common high school science study materials to each be a year long. It is not at all a prohibition of earth science as a scientific study. The fact that you are asking whether the traditional trio of "big three" sciences is compulsory itself indicates that strict adherence to TWTM science recommendat
  4. Herbs are good for retraining habits. Most of them are pretty resistant to rookie errors involving too much or too little water, you'll probably snip the leaves off before they need dusting and if you fail, you can immediately replace them with some more seeds because they're cheap and seed packs tend to have loads.
  5. At this point, I think Coursera and other MOOC courses are more useful for proving sustained interest in academics in general, the subject in particular and mastery of the basics thereof, rather than as a replacement for college in an academic sense. While Google would accept a Google certificate for data analytics, the portability of such a certificate is not yet tested, and I would not expect it to be as portable as a community college certification. (For example, The Google IT Support one is considered a valid route to entry in the 1st Line IT Support Desk job I had - which was at a comp
  6. Some vaccines aren't cleared for under-18s, but Pfizer is cleared for anyone 16 and over. This may be a factor if supply is "lumpy".
  7. *facepalm* You're right. It's possible to do that model provided, with the flips being used to indicate signing... ...but it should definitely be written as 2 x 3 books, -2 x 3 books etc.
  8. (3+4)*5 = 3*5 + 4*5? Get 35 books. 3 books in one row. 4 books in another row. Do this 5 times, so you have your 5 groupings of 3 + 4 books. Move the other book groups, such that you have a row with 5 lots of 3 books, above a row of 5 lots of 4 books. The total number of books is the same. Thus, distributive property applies. (In practice, it would likely take more examples than just the one for this to be learned via this method).
  9. I'd have said it's because negative is opposite to positive. At that point, it's possible to make an analogy using manipulatives. Take some books. If the front cover is facing up, they're positive and if the back cover faces up, they're negative. Start by having them all face front cover upwards, since we live in a world that uses positive numbers more often than negative numbers. 2 books x 3 books = 2 groups of 3 books = 6 books. No books were flipped, so they're all still positive. -2 books x 3 books... ....there's still going to be 6 books. But which way do they
  10. I think one potential factor is that the specific person/people who prepared the material might feel stepped over if other people end up correcting them, especially if those people are from a group that have historically abused the power they had over people in their community. If that feeling kicks in before the preparers even find out the proposed point of improvement, they won't receive it; they're still processing emotional fallout. If the preparer does not receive feedback, they can't act on it, which in turn prevents them from improving from that specific piece of feedback. It might
  11. Pretty much any PC or Mac from the last four years should be capable of this, provided you add a quality keyboard to it. (Desktops generally come with the keyboard; you will need to purchase this for a laptop). If buying the laptop, I'd recommend a cheap switched keyboard, as this is likely to last a long time even if it turns out that the computer is used to type on a lot. A cheap separate mouse is optional, but recommended from the outset. For a desktop, try whatever keyboard comes with it and purchase a better one if necessary. I would recommend installing Libre Office or MS Off
  12. True. This is why under-16s aren't getting vaccinated yet - 12-16 is deemed to require separate tests, then 6-12 is allowed to have separate tests start, then under-6s, and the correct protocol is assumed to be potentially different in all three cases compared to adults. (Incidentally, it's also why people who are pregnant can't be vaccinated in the UK yet in most cases - pregnant women have to be tested separately too due to unborn babies reacting differently to people who have already been born). It is also why the UK hasn't yet approved OxfordAstraZeneca for the 16/17-year-old c
  13. Yes. The authorities want to know about it, in case someone comes up with a version of the vaccine that doesn't cause this. Obviously, it would get handled differently to someone with lasting harm from the vaccine, but it still needs to be part of the dataset.
  14. PCs can do screen-search (Ctrl+F) if and only if the user is already at a page containing the term. So in this thread, it would be necessary to do the search 9 times, if one did not know which page in the thread the term was located. Searching via one's favourite search engine is more reliable and consistent across platforms. Most, if not all, major search engines can do this by typing in site: [site] [whatever you want to search]. For example: site: https://forums.welltrainedmind.com "Math Mammoth" will give you forum threads on this site where Math Mammoth was mentioned.
  15. We have some for Pfizer, though, thanks to the in-field test that Israel has become, as well as for the Pfizer/OxfordAstrazeneca/Moderna options in preliminary data for the UK (due to a sudden shift from mostly over-75s in hospital for COVID to almost equal amounts over- and under-70s, along with a large reduction in deaths for over-80s). Also, as far as can be ascertained, none of the 15 million+ people who have been vaccinated in the UK have died of the vaccination - something that has to be checked rigourously due to vaccine reporting laws, People have ended up in hospital (including a
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