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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. It helps to get some other perspectives on all of this and thus give me new ways to think about all of it. Hope everyone has a great time planning their next school year!
  2. Hello Everyone, My kids are in their early teens. We have been part of a great co-op that has disbanded. We have tried other social opportunities that have not worked out. Thus we have decided to join a co-op next year as that has always been the best opportunity for my kids to interact with other kids in this area. My question is which co-op to join? Co-op A) Small, closed community very academically focused and meets at a home. This co-op is in the morning with three academic based classes for the MS/HS age. It is classically minded with homework heavy classes t
  3. Thank you for the replies. I was looking for a guide that would break a book up into chapters and have a single question for each chapter that requires some thought and a several sentence response. I do not want a guide that is full of endless comprehension questions, just something that stimulates them to write a paragraph a day in response to their reading.
  4. Hello, In planning for next year, I would like to find a literature curriculum that has daily journaling or narration work instead of questions for each days assignment. Is there a high school level curriculum out there that has this? I don't mind if it is a literature book with excerpts or a guide for whole books. I would really just like a curriculum that is based on the student giving a thoughtful journal entry about their reading, rather than just answering rote questions about the work/excerpt. Thank you!
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