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  1. I'm finishing the narrative transcript/class descriptions and I've been told by a consultant that each class needs to specify the teacher/mentor. For over half the classes, that's just me. Do you put the parent's name on each class that wasn't with an outside provider? Thanks!
  2. We're using Mango for French, and supplementing with a textbook and flashcards. It is designed for travel (how to order in restaurants, shopping, etc) and conversation. It works really well for my ds who likes to learn this way. I have found that Mango doesn't teach/explain verb conjugation well, so that's where we use the textbook.
  3. We are starting the process of requesting accommodations from the college board for my dyslexic/dysgraphic 9th grader. We have all the neuropsych results and paperwork needed, but I really don't know what to say in the letter I need to write. Would anyone who has successfully navigated this process be willing to post a sample letter? TIA.
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