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  1. Check out Hana's videos on those subjects @ Pepper and Pine on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN7Jb3UtsPmdSCmb0IPmT_Q/playlists She finds some amazing books and resources for her lesson blocks and most come from Rainbowresource.com.
  2. Well that right there definitely stops me for getting any of the Time Traveler Units .That's not cool. My family has quite a bit of native blood/ancestry so something like that is a pretty big turn off in our case. Thanks for pointing that out. I don't mind prep work/we like craft and such so that would of been no issue for me. Perhaps I'll just buy the timeline packs that are only $6-$8 and use the rest of the $160 I would of spent on the bundle for more kits and resources or something. Or just get the Egypt Unit only and see how we like it. At least for just the World History Unit
  3. We're only just now being able to purchase the curriculum we wanted for 3rd grade so we're basically starting everything halfway through the year for 3rd. But we've also decided to school year round so it's not too big of a deal and just continue with what we're doing until we finish it, even if that means using it going into 4th grade for our new year starting in August. Language Arts: Grammar & Writing - Start working on Essentials in Writing Level 3 soon and hopefully finish it then begin Level 4 in August. Spectrum Language Arts grade 4 workbook. Practicing cursive and bette
  4. Hi guys! If you have used any of the Project passport units from Homeschool in the Woods could you please tell me your thoughts/pros/cons on what you used? Also is anyone secular that has used these units before and found it to be too much to edit the religious aspects out? We're a secular family but don't mind using christian based curriculum if we can edit around it enough. Thanks for any input!
  5. Lol thank you all for your input and advice. I'm really at a loss honestly... so I may even just put together our own thing with books/activities and hands on stuff etc. We can use Kids Discover Online/Usborne's Science Encyclopedia as a spine and just chose topics we're interested in and go from there. I think I really liked the idea of RSO because of the hands on materials/experiments to do and like their rock kit for earth & Environment level 1. I believe in the idea of getting your hands dirty and doing things/observing to learn about science. Not just reading about it.
  6. I meant more on the line where my 4 year old can listen in and watch, she wouldn't have to fully understand what was happening in the experiments or anything 🙂 but I think we've decided on Earth & Environment 1 paired with Astronomy 1 from RSO. It's targeted for 2nd grade but for grades 1st-4th. She loves collecting rocks though and was excited about the rock kits we saw. Next year we'll try Chemistry or Physics with her and do the Life Science for my youngest. Thanks for your input everyone 🙂
  7. Woo I love this site. Much better and lots more information than the facebook groups I've joined. 🙂

  8. Hello 🙂 new here so I've been looking through old posts. I also figured I'd add in what we've picked for our 3rd grade 2018-2019 year 🙂 This is our first year homeschooling and we started in July 2018 but had been playing fill in the gaps until October. We had mainly been using free or cheap curriculum until the last couple of months and we'll be getting the rest of what we wanted to use once taxes get here. So what we picked: Language Arts - Essentials in Writing level 3 (this will be new) along with Spectrum Language Arts 3 and probably some of 4 since we've already started Spectrum LA
  9. My daughter turned 4 in November and is when we began homeschooling her. We started our first year homeschooling in July with her big sister. For my Pre-K kiddo I've been doing the basics of colors, shapes, numbers, letters and letter sounds etc. Letters - I went through Pintrest and free online sources to put together my own letter of the week binder for her. Monday she has two coloring introduction pages, one with the capital letter and one with the lowercase. Tuesday is a fun look and find for just the lowercase and capital letters inside a shape starting with the letter and tracing of
  10. Thanks for your input 🙂 And like I said she hasn't had much if any at all exposure to science other than our Spectrum 3 Science workbook which is why I wanted to start at lower levels. They didn't do anything other than watch a seed grow from what my daughter tells me regarding science when she was in public school 😕 I don't want to jump into something over her head but not super kiddish/easy either, which sounds like what Nancy Larson Science 1 would be based on your response. We live in a small town so our Library isn't the greatest but we can borrow from other library's through our lo
  11. Also maybe if you also have kiddos spanned in ages like mine, how would you do science for the younger kiddo as they got older? Redo the levels you've already done with your older kids that they've listened in on or find something new?
  12. Hello, new here 🙂 So a little bit about us. We pulled our oldest daughter out of PS at the end of 2nd grade June 2018 and began homeschooling July 2018. So this is our first year homeschooling and we've basically been filling in gaps and such for a while but as of October we've been doing more 3rd grade level curriculum. Without funds we had only been doing a Spectrum Science 3 workbook for science. With taxes well have the funds now to get what we've been wanting curriculum wise. So after a lot of research I'm looking into Science for my 3rd grader/recently turned 9 year old that my 4 y
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