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  1. Thank you so much, everyone! the Singapore bar model definitely helps! I did not know about this, just checked.
  2. Another question from the same paper: Katie bought three identical pencils, two identical pens and two identical erasers, and paid $11.60. Hannah bought one pencil, two pens and two erasers, and she paid $8.40. How much does one pencil cost? A) $1.20 B) $1.50 C) $1.60 D) $3.20 This one was also similar but it involved decimal division which my kid did not know how to, so had to skip
  3. This is exactly how she solved it. She is just looking for more like this to practice. I could not find any questions like that. So I was wondering I could find more questions like this.
  4. wow... and this question showed up in math Kangaroo for Grade 1/2
  5. She solved with writing the equations and variables, but there should be an easier way for a 2nd grader!
  6. Hi All, I am trying to get my kids to solve some math kangaroo questions. Here is one that was challenging for her: Fido the Dog, Philemon the Cat and 4 monkeys together weigh 24 lbs. Fido and one monkey together weigh 11 lbs. Philemon and 2 monkeys together weigh 1 lb less than Fido and one monkey weigh together. Each of the monkeys weighs the same. How much does Philemon weigh? She eventually solved it, but she wants to practice more these kind of questions. How do I look these up? What are these kind of questions called? Thank you!
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