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  1. The Kershaw Taskmaster shears are great, but cost nearly $100. You can get the Zwilling shears about $50. As best as I can tell, they are identical to the Kershaw ones, except for the logo. If you don't need a bone notch, the Kitchenaid Classic Shears are decent and can be bought for cheap . Compare the kitchen shears through reviews.
  2. Oh, you gave so many great tips. Maybe you can help me too. My parents are planning a trip to Israel in June. They are planning to obviously be in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, but want to add some "local flavor" to their trip. They are wondering what would be the best way to see the country? How are the tour guides? How is the public transportation or should they use car rentals? Are there well know local hangouts that are worth seeing, but don't get a lot of tourist traffic? I know these are a lot of any local advise will be much appreciated!
  3. Would five be too young to start learning the violin? We all play strings and my youngest is starting to take an interest and has announced that he's going to learn the violin, but I don't want to start too soon and put him off. He's 4 at the moment. I'm not a pushy parent or anything like that, but I'd like to encourage him if he seems interested. Does anybody have any experience in this area?
  4. You've done a great job. And now you are experienced in it. Just try everytime to analyze everything you write. Show your thoughts in terms of keys. BTW, next time for saving energy and efforts you can ask for assistance ( top edu services). If I were you, I'd get it proofread. There are top edu services that charge qiute a lot as for student, and then there are some current and admitted students who often do it for some "beer money".
  5. Personally I own a SentrySafe fire-resistant safe to store my hardware wallets. Here is a video review on it: Also I keep there my passport and other important documents. Prior to buying this particular one, I had searched all over the internet and I had had a look at these safes in person and they seemed very well made, but Sentry was top norch
  6. After tons of research, we've just bought a ceramic Greenlife pan that I really like cooking with, but have not had it long enough to judge if it will last. This is the first ceramic we’ve used, and it is great for eggs. In some ways it is almost too slick. So I'll keep you posted on how it works in a long distance ride
  7. My kids favorite one is Math Mountain.I have never seen such an outrageous game online...These are flabbergast and easy to play . My kids play also other games here, but I stricktly limit their time online for their health and safety.
  8. Personally, I am new to the game, and I believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay. The demand is to big for them as well as the interest. To stay afloat it's very important to stay well informed, read crypto-oriented resources. Actually nobody knows exactly what will happen to the cryptocurrency market, but I don't want to stay aside while everyone is in "in game"
  9. Personally, I have Samsung side by side. And it seems to work well. My friend's LG side by side seems to work well. They both look similar and have similar layouts. So based on a single anecdote, which means nothing really, I would say go for the one with the better price. Compare prices, read reviews , do your own research to know which one works best to mmet your needs.
  10. So my experiences with weed after the first couple years were extremely negative. Massive self-consciousness, massive insecurity (which produced massive depression) and massive lack of productive energy. But one I tried Cannabis Canada and it helped with my sleep so much. I would have trouble staying asleep on the weekends and would wake up real early and tired as hell.
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