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  1. The best way to understand Bitcoin is to first understand what money actually is and how it is created. Worth investigating and surprisingly interesting and complex. Read Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Magazines to understand what bitcoin is and whether it's worth investing.
  2. Use some cool wall decals, this may help . We did decals in my first daughters room before she was born... they look great and add character to the room. The quality was great, I can vouch that you can peel off and re-use later on (if you stick them on something smooth/plastic in the time between removal and reapplication)
  3. Not exhaustive, but my usage of a phone centres around these apps generally: google maps myfitnesspal mapmyride kindle calculator livescore dropbox scotrail btsport youtube netflix iplayer Uber and other ridesharing sites
  4. I am quite new dog owner. I have a 10 week American bully (not one of those hippo/inbreed down syndrome dogs) but a nice healthy pup. I'm also in the market for the best food pitbull puppies . I was considering getting blue Buffalo but having read your story, I am not sure now. Has anyone tested it on their pets? Also read these taste of the wild dog food reviews. Anyone feeds their dogs with TOTW?
  5. Personally, I have been using Duolingo and Tiny Cards with great success, but also just downloaded Mango (free with a library card) and it seems pretty useful too. mostly because it actually teaches you some of the grammar and to understand if something is informal, formal, that sort. With all these Language Learning Sites it's pretty easy and joyful to learn new language in a short period of time.
  6. We cut the cord years ago. Currently we have Apple TV on one tv and love it. We also have a Amazon fire stick with Mobdro app ( ) on the other and works well. This app gives a prompt access to movies/tv shows . Glad we got rid of satellite TV long ago. We live stream HULU so we still can watch our live sports and some tv channel.
  7. I also have a 3 year old daughter who adores gymnastics. I personally was also a gymnast up until my teenage years (20 years ago), and I has always wanted my daughter to get into the sport. After watching some video clips from the USA Olympic Trials, and my daughter was hooked! She is constantly doing vaults, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor routines all over the house. She wants to wear beautiful leotars, take classes. Is this a suitable age to start?
  8. It all depends on your interests. The best vacation ever was a Disney cruise to Europe. Second best vacation was any other Disney cruise we’ve taken. Third best trip was any other cruise we’ve taken. Fourth best trip was probably a nice resort we stayed at in San Diego. I’m a cruise fan:) Always arrange my vacation through cruises sites.
  9. Exactly the same! I'm organizing a family reunion cruise to Alaska for next year, and we'll have four kids, ages 5, 7, 7 and 9, along, plus an elderly grandpa and four parents. Does anyone have a favorite ship/cruiseline for traveling with kids this age in Alaska? Found the recommendations on cruises sites , still cannot decide.
  10. I read Mastering Bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos. I like the content of book and recommend that book for anybody who is looking to make a start. You can also check other Blockchain and Bitcoin Books, Books, videos are very important for learning and research and it would be also helpful for anyone interested in cryptocurrency.
  11. The Kershaw Taskmaster shears are great, but cost nearly $100. You can get the Zwilling shears about $50. As best as I can tell, they are identical to the Kershaw ones, except for the logo. If you don't need a bone notch, the Kitchenaid Classic Shears are decent and can be bought for cheap . Compare the kitchen shears through reviews
  12. Oh, you gave so many great tips. Maybe you can help me too. My parents are planning a trip to Israel in June. They are planning to obviously be in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa, but want to add some "local flavor" to their trip. They are wondering what would be the best way to see the country? How are the tour guides? How is the public transportation or should they use car rentals? Are there well know local hangouts that are worth seeing, but don't get a lot of tourist traffic? I know these are a lot of any local advise will be much appreciated!
  13. Would five be too young to start learning the violin? We all play strings and my youngest is starting to take an interest and has announced that he's going to learn the violin, but I don't want to start too soon and put him off. He's 4 at the moment. I'm not a pushy parent or anything like that, but I'd like to encourage him if he seems interested. Does anybody have any experience in this area?
  14. You've done a great job. And now you are experienced in it. Just try everytime to analyze everything you write. Show your thoughts in terms of keys. BTW, next time for saving energy and efforts you can ask for assistance ( top edu services). If I were you, I'd get it proofread. There are top edu services that charge qiute a lot as for student, and then there are some current and admitted students who often do it for some "beer money".
  15. Personally I own a SentrySafe fire-resistant safe to store my hardware wallets. Here is a video review on it: Also I keep there my passport and other important documents. Prior to buying this particular one, I had searched all over the internet and I had had a look at these safes in person and they seemed very well made, but Sentry was top norch
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