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  1. https://www.scholeacademy.com/by-subject/ I was looking at Classical Academic Press today and saw they have AP Latin. I've never used this school so can't compare it to what I know to be good, but maybe it will help you.
  2. That is so fun you are doing the same thing! I love not feeling so driven by hunger and what I'm going to eat. My husband also. For me there has been a lot of spiritual growth...realized how undisciplined I was with wanting to eat what I wanted when I wanted. I never thought I'd survive off sugar but it has been oddly, and surprisingly, freeing. Wouldn't have done it of my own accord though...We were really surprised at how much we didn't know about nutrition and the body...anyway, nice to meet you here 🙂
  3. I'm new around here, but just wanted to suggest a book that has helped us a lot. It is called Eat to Live (The End of Dieting is another one and better, but both cover the same information. Very educational for us.) We've both lost weight fast and no calorie counting (I was so sick of My Fitness Pal...). This is nutrient dense but low calorie meals. It has been a radical lifestyle change brought on because of health problems for one of us, but after just 2 wks the improvements I saw, which weren't sought, had me wanting to stick with it. Joel Furhman is the author; he is a doctor in NJ. Anyway
  4. She has many small children now, so my guess is she is just teaching the couple of classes at WHA. Will pray you find something. I know how hard that is.
  5. Yes, Joanna is in Australia 🙂 and teaches later in the day. Sorry, I thought WHA was still doing AP Latin but last I looked I did notice a shortage of teachers for more than a couple classes, so maybe they took it off since then.
  6. Is Edhesive similar to CodeHS (not live online?). It looks to be but is new to us.
  7. We used Wilson Hill for AP Latin. The teacher is different now though. My DD had Joanna Hensley, who is wonderful. My girl got a 5 on the test; we feel she was well prepared.
  8. Write At Home will keep him writing and we've been pleased with it when we just didn't want a year that involved grammar or literature. We are using it for our 10th grader right now (not a naturally gifted writer) after a few years of TPS English courses (which we've been very pleased with). My oldest did W@H for one year as well and it helped her round out some skills and just get used to writing more often than she had to date. She is naturally good with writing. So, for what it is worth, we've used them twice for different students and have been/are satisfied.
  9. This might not help, but have you looked at HSLDA's guidelines for high school? I love how they show options for if you are preparing for college, whether a normal entry plan or for a more rigorous plan (ie someone planning to go in to Engineering or medicine) as well as entering the workforce upon graduating or going into the military.
  10. Has anyone switched over to the Latin Alive DVD's after using live online classes for Latin? I'm considering doing this for my last child's final year of Latin, so it would be for Latin Alive 3. I'm wondering how the translating goes. I won't have a Latin expert in the house next year when we'd be making this change, so just want to see if the DVDs will be sufficient with the answer key...Thank you.
  11. I'm looking for a good AP Computer Science Principles course. Has anyone used PA Homeschoolers AP Online class? I've found one at Wilson Hill Academy but don't really want to spend that kind of money if possible. Thank you for any help.
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