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  1. Jinnah

    Painting question

    She is using a primer (She mentioned Sherwin Williams, but that was when she was talking about the paint brand) and sanding. She does this all the time, and the only regrets are the people who opt out of painting the insides. I think I'm going to trust her on this one, since she is the professional painter.
  2. Jinnah

    Painting question

    Yes, I agree that it does take time so I am willing to pay the same price even if the inside isn't done... just not more. However, our painter is HIGHLY recommending painting the insides to avoid the unfinished look. She has had clients regret not having it done.
  3. I might do a few cute things for each holiday, this year, but really only on the mantle.
  4. This year, I left out a couple of cute homemade mason snow globes on our mantle. I'll put them away after it starts warming up. Normally, I just put the rest-of-the-year decor back up.
  5. Jinnah

    Painting question

    It definitely might depend on the type of paint. Would you think it would be more expensive or cheaper to not have the insides painted if they are being done professionally? There will be a lot less paint/primer used and less to paint (so less time on that), but they will have to tape it off (so some time spent there).
  6. Jinnah

    Painting question

    That's exactly what I am worried about. I don't want paint chipping off onto our dishes.
  7. Jinnah

    Painting question

    We are having our kitchen cabinets professionally painted. They said they are going to paint the inside of them cabinets, but I don't think I want them to. What are the pros and cons of having the insides done versus not having them done? The outside of the cabinets are real wood, but the inside looks like laminate wood. Not sure this can even be painted. ?
  8. Jinnah

    Eclipse Safety and Idiocy

    :lol: :lol:
  9. Jinnah

    Will you cry in awe?

    We were super excited at 76% totality. I think 100% would have been amazing. I'm don't cry much, but I think I can understand if someone were to.
  10. Jinnah

    Eclipse Safety and Idiocy

    Sometimes I assume little children won't be interested in something, when that isn't the case. Turns out, they were the most excited out of all our children!
  11. Jinnah

    Eclipse Safety and Idiocy

    Business was as normal here, today. We went to Target and everyone was out and about with their children, even when it was clearly getting darker. No one was in hysterics or going blind. After we picked up a few things we needed, went to pick our son up (he was somewhere else)... he had gotten lucky and got a pair of eclipse glasses, so we got to see it while it was still in full swing! We even let our four and two year old look (we just made sure to hold them on their eyes so they couldn't look over or under the frames). They LOVED it. They giggled and kept asking to look, so we all took turns. It was fun!
  12. Jinnah

    Eclipse is a bust

    We're in an area with about 76% totality. It was a great day for viewing and we were lucky to get a pair of glasses, as they were sold out everywhere. I hope everyone who was interested got to see.
  13. Jinnah

    I hit my head...

    My friends mother passed away from a head trauma, also. I think you should go get it checked.
  14. Jinnah

    When do you start decorating for fall?

    I've lived in two of those places. People definitely decorate for the fall in both.
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