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  1. There’s a chance I’ll totally flip this up and change everything... but right now I’ve settled on: Math: CLE 3 And Singapore CWP LA: CLE LA 3 - for the grammar only (I just haven’t found a grammar that’s as complete as this is) Mosdos Opal, Popper’s Penguins memoria lit guide, and Cricket in Times Square lit guide HWOT Building Writers A/B - because he absolutely loathes writing in any form 🙄 Practical Spelling 3 Handwriting: Pentime 2 and 3 Science: My Pals are Here 3 textbooks only, and we are also doing an in depth on bacteria and fungus Geography: Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners History: we are very organic with history: reading, timelines, and just discussions or documentaries Extras: piano, art history/art with his incredible art teacher, swim
  2. @HomeAgain do you think MEP might work for us? And maybe I’ll offer him the math selector quiz. He loathes copywork. It’s easier to get him to write something original and then tell him to copy it well.
  3. First post here 🙂 I'll preface with both DS 6 and I are autistic. DS is more of a sensory seeking, clothing freakout, overwhelmed easily type. I like quiet and researching and noise gets to me fast. We are a pair! And we have my DD 3 running around wreaking havoc. We do "formal" work Tuesday/Thursday/Friday because I'm in school Mon/Wed. I want to get a plan together for next year and the ending part of this year because we hit a handful of snags and can't seem to get back into a groove. Currently: McRuffy Language Arts 1, we started this late and it's working well for us, I don't do all the workbook things because some is busy work and he hates that. Math is a mash up with some problems from Primary, some from math mammoth, and others from some teachers pay teachers pages. The thing with math is he will not play games, or use manipulatives, and he WILL NOT look at the actual book - I have to copy the problems to a whiteboard or into a plain notebook. I pushed too hard with math in the beginning because he was loving it and breezing through math mammoth and then there was just one day where he crashed and now the idea of a workbook makes him slither to the floor. Now, I'm ok with taking time off from math but he isn't! He wants to do math everyday and learn more but it would be so much easier if I could show him the pages! So I was considering starting MEP and getting him gently into math and maybe getting miquon with the rods? I want him to back up and find the fun again and at the same time make sure he has a firm grasp on the basics. Next year - I don't think we can do second grade McRuffy LA because the books get much longer and he is going to panic so I'm eyeing Reading Street or and then just planning on a ton of readers and library books. Any experience with Reading Street? Basically I want to read aloud and have guidance with the critical thinking type questions. Math - Horizons, MEP, or MCP, Science - probably nancy larson 1 History - SoTW read aloud and the Maps/Maps Activity Book Writing - this is where I have absolutely no idea. He hates to write so I want something that will spark his creativity... like a story starter but one that doesn't look overwhelming...writeshop? I need to get a strong idea of what next year will look like because there's a very good chance I will be in a PA program and won't be able to plan and prep once that begins.
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