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  1. I love the math and the handwriting. We are using Math 2 right now as a review. My son is ASD and ADHD and we use multiple math curricula though the year, I like having a fun slightly easier one to break up the Beast and the Math mammoth. With math 2, I can follow the script and both my pre-k and my rising 3rd understand it. Its well done - the lessons have a morning review at the start with calendar work and then the lesson is mastery with no additional review. The lessons are long winded and I edit or skip quite a bit since we have covered these already unless it has something we mi
  2. We are working though Opal now. I started it at the tail end of grade 2 and we will finish it halfway through 3rd. I really like it. One of the stories is written by a white woman about a POC character so we did have to have a conversation about that and do extra reading. The workbook is pretty good with varying types of pages for each story. I like the teachers manual but only because I can hand that to his dad and make him teach, I wouldn't need it if I were the only teacher. Its very similar to reading street or a similar public school program, if you dont need the workbook - reading
  3. AND EDITING NOW.... 6/3/20 LOL There’s a chance I’ll totally flip this up and change everything... but right now I’ve settled on: Math: Math Mammoth 3, finishing Beast 2, and TGaTB Math 3 Grammar: Growing with Grammar Lit: Mosdos Opal Balto Novel-Ties My Fathers Dragon Novel-Ties Writing: LWT Building Writers B/C/D IEW People and Places in Community Spelling and Vocab: Steck-Vaugn Spelling Wordly Wise 3000, 1/2 of book 2 and 3 Handwriting: TGaTB Handwriting Scie
  4. @HomeAgain do you think MEP might work for us? And maybe I’ll offer him the math selector quiz. He loathes copywork. It’s easier to get him to write something original and then tell him to copy it well.
  5. First post here 🙂 I'll preface with both DS 6 and I are autistic. DS is more of a sensory seeking, clothing freakout, overwhelmed easily type. I like quiet and researching and noise gets to me fast. We are a pair! And we have my DD 3 running around wreaking havoc. We do "formal" work Tuesday/Thursday/Friday because I'm in school Mon/Wed. I want to get a plan together for next year and the ending part of this year because we hit a handful of snags and can't seem to get back into a groove. Currently: McRuffy Language Arts 1, we started this late and it's working well for us,
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