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  1. My wife and I recently withdrew our son(11 year old 5th grader) from public school to home school. We have put a lot of time into finding the right curriculum but we are just lost in history. My wife started with The Good and the Beautiful for english, history, and science. She really enjoys the English however the reading assignments are just not great for our son, who is a well advanced reader but lacks on basic grammar skills. History, we are not happy with at all. We enjoy the religious centered focus of it, however, it just does not seem to flow real well. Science we are also lost in. It seems very basic and even upgraded to Apologia's Astronomy course but still find it geared more for children not quite to his level. We think we have pieced everything together well enough to get us through his 5th grade year but we are wanting to get a jump start on 6th grade as soon as possible and were looking for suggestions. Our son is an avid reader. His last full year in school, his school set a goal for 48 points in Accelerated Reader programs. He had more than double any other classmate at almost 300 points by the year's end. I would ideally like to find a program to really push his reading. Not sure it exists but his writing skills are almost non-existent so I would also like whatever we choose to push and help him into writing. On the history side of things, we aren't sure what we are looking for but I would imagine would be more of a traditional textbook style history class. I find that the way The Good and The Beautiful breaks down into little projects without covering much material is counterproductive to his learning style and becomes more of a distraction and less a learning opportunity for him. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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