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  1. will surely try using the same with my kiddo... and i truly appreciate you all to take out time and answer me appropriately. thanks !!
  2. I have already started reading understanding dyslexia and loving it so far ......will surely read other 2 as well,,,
  3. yes in maths she is facing problem in backward counting and skip counting concepts .... also she seems to be struggling with handwriting also ....any ideas how to work upon the same to make it easier for the child .
  4. hey thanks for sharing this wonderful site ....this would be a great help to start ...
  5. I am from India. I have just started checking the sites suggested here. will surely need all your kind support in this journey.
  6. Sorry for being away for so long and THANKS for sharing your valuable learnings with me. All this will surely help me to start with. Will surely get back to you in case i am doing the feurestein instrumental course.
  7. My 1st grade daughter (7years old)has just been officially diagnosed with Specific learning disability or Dyslexia. Can someone guide me and let me know how to start homeschooling so that she can excel in her studies? Also have anyone done Feuerstein instrumental enrichment course to help child with such difficulties. If yes please share if it was effective. Thanks
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