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  1. My son is going to be a Junior in the fall and I was thinking of having him do DIVE PreCalc & DIVE/Saxon Physics. If he does that, he'd essentially be prepared to take the Physics 1 & 2 AP Exam. The other suggestion they have is taking the C Exam if he does it with Calculus. I'm slightly confused and tried to call them but the gal I spoke with said she has to call me back. Is it intended that students do both exams? Like 1&2 his junior year and C his senior? If so, would they take this particular course twice? Is it better to take one of the exams over the other? And finally, if this Physics is intended to be one year, what am I looking at for the 4th year? Should we wait and do something else this year (what???) and Physics + the C AP exam for his senior year, or Physics + 1&2 AP Exam this year and then ??? what in 12th? I could tell I was confusing the gal I talked to on the phone so I hope someone here can make sense of what I'm asking. This is my oldest and our first foray at anything AP related. Thanks!!!! (Has anyone done and liked this course???)
  2. The 10th grade math curriculum we are using suggests having tests count as 80% of a student's math grade and quizzes count as the other 20%. Last year, their 9th grade math factored in homework and reviews, as well as the tests and quizzes. I was wondering if this is common as students get older, or if I should still let homework and reviews count toward the final class grade? Thanks!
  3. Crystal - Thank you for adding in! Yes, that does reassure me in a lot fo areas I was concerned about, so thank you for everything you said!
  4. Lori! Oh my goodness - you are an ANGEL! Thank you so much for all this info!!!!
  5. Hi ladies - thanks for your answers; I had some forum hiccups that I needed help with before I could post again. 🙂 I participated on this board years ago and have recently come back because....high school!!!! (I don't remember my old name, sorry!) After I posted this I started talking to my husband and ended up in tears because I was "planning too far in advance". (9th grade in the fall.) His words, not mine, lol. I did dig into our state (Arizona) guidelines and was surprised to find that, like This is the Day stated, I award the credits I want. Huh! So that takes some of the pressure off. I'm looking at some of the local schools (ASU, Grand Canyon, don't even know where else) to see what their requirements are and I guess I don't need to stress about that. So thank you for some direction, so many links here it is overwhelming! I have a nice cuppa coffee as I peruse everything....LoriD, you are amazing!!!!
  6. My daughter has a lot of moles and goes into the dermatologist regularly. They usually remove one every year and the funny thing is, I always try and guess beforehand which one they'll remove and it's always a different one, lol. I think that it is VERY wise of you to go in, as quick growth and pain are "signs" I've been told to watch for. My dad just had a bunch of cancerous moles removed - they came up on his ear quickly and painfully. He did not require chemo or anything like that. It was, however, a lengthy surgery - as they had to dig a bit, test, dig a bit, test, until they got to no cancer. Our derm always says if it bothers my daughter in any way, they'll remove it and insurance will cover it. It's the purely cosmetic ones that they won't. My daughter gets results in about 2-3 days. Funny story - she had one one year where *I* wanted it removed, and my daughter didn't and the doctor wasn't concerned. But seeing that I was, the doctor was like, "it does bother her when a t-shirt rubs against it, right?" and I said "no" and he said (a couple of times) "but it DOES bother her, RIGHT?" lol. I finally got it, and insurance covered it. Good luck!
  7. I was wondering if anyone had feedback on MFW (My Father's World) for a student that may not be able to complete all 4 years. We intend to do dual enrollment and very possibly a trade school and from looking at MFW, it seems like you would need to do all 4 years to get all the required high school credits. Anyone have thoughts on that? Thanks!
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