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  1. No GI issues at all. People in that group work up to 3 x a day so I'm on a super low dose.
  2. I take 500 mg a day after breakfast. I feel it does help control my blood sugar swings. Heard about it on a facebook group for insulin resistance.
  3. Just a note about NatureThroid: I was on it for years and last year they had a "supply" issue so my doc switched me to Armour. I asked him a few weeks ago about NT because Armour costs me more money. He said he has gotten several complaints from his patients with the new supply of NT so he suspects they've changed their formula. You can google search the issues of it not working as well and some kind of urine smell from the pills. Also, treat to symptoms. I tried a higher dose to see if I could perk up a little bit more and felt very anxious even though my labs looked great. It took me a few miserable months to figure that out because I do have some stressful people in my life so I attributed it to them. I was wrong. I felt better the day I dropped back down and it hasn't come back.
  4. This is a short documentary from 2012 featuring the LeBaron colony and the drug cartel. It helps explain exactly what happened the other day to that family.
  5. Heart, I have not read the entire thread yet but it really sounds to me like your dh has ADHD. I did see you mention a son with it. It's usually hereditary. I'm living with a diagnosed child and a non diagnosed dh that fits the bill. I didn't realize it at first because he is high functioning but the outbursts and overreactions got me searching for answers. I wound up here and found out I wasn't alone, I wasn't a bad person, yes controlling because I had to pick up pieces to do life that weren't being handled. RSD Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria is a horrible thing to be on the opposite end of. A lot of therapists won't acknowledge it exists but it's definitely real. There are some great support groups on facebook if you think you fit the bill. Check out that adhd marriage site I linked. See if you connect with the experiences from the spouses.
  6. I was there last year during your Dec. dates. Crowds were fine. Not low but good. If you can swing January before your college kids go back to school, that's a nice time to go. Spring break is very crowded. Did you check out Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party? You might want to do that. It's wonderful.
  7. I agree with PeterPan, leave husband home and go. Also, staying on property does not make getting to parks faster or easier. You will have to wait for buses and sometimes they are quite crowded and you'll wait in lines. I stay off property a few miles away and driving is a breeze. You will have to pay to park at the parks. Still cheaper than paying for onsite hotel. Are you flying?
  8. I suspect the diet may have sparked an ED. Studies are starting to come out that some people are genetically susceptible to ED's. Calorie deficits can click the brain on to it. They suspect serotonin levels increase with hunger and it curbs anxiety in some people. I think that may have happened with my dd. My mom finally admitted to me that she used to restrict to 500 calories a day at one point in her life. I had no idea. And just as a PSA to other moms because I didn't know. Anorexics come in all shapes and sizes. Restricting can cause the body to hold onto everything it gets and people can be a normal weight or even overweight and be malnourished and sick. Pay attention to their eating habits.
  9. Did you get her tested for food sensitivies? My doc offers a blood test that gives a list of the foods you are highly sensitive to down to not very sensitive. That way you can cut out the AIP and just figure out exactly what she is reacting too. I feel your pain dealing with the thyroid and food issues. It's so hard to know what to do and you put out one fire and then something else pops up. I'm glad your daughter came to you. Mine did not and it's been a struggle for years.
  10. I have to agree with Katie that is sounds like she is needing carbs. I have Hashi's and I also see an integrative doc. He pushes the gluten free, etc. lifestyle. I tried the AIP diet for autoimmune which is grain free. My blood sugars were dropping constantly and I felt weak and just bad. I added rice back in and felt so much better. I just cannot do grain free and that low of refined carb. Does your daughter have actual GI symptoms or is this the doc pushing the diet due to Hashi's? I also have a daughter with Hashi's and she has an eating disorder. She would tell you she binges but she's just making up for some of the calories she deficient in. She also has other mental issues.
  11. Thank you! I ordered both.
  12. I'm having trouble figuring out what your son used. Is this correct? Preferred brand Pure Encapsulations or Jarrow Bacopa Monerii (mg?) 2 x day Ashwagandha 7% with aniloids 600 mg 2 x day (I can't find anything with aniloids)
  13. That happened 30+ years ago and my dad was the owner of the car so I don't know. He is good about that kind of thing so I suspect it broke prematurely. I just mention it because it is a difference between the Honda and Toyotas that I found when comparing. I also love that dash shelf the Highlander has :)
  14. I've had both Honda and Toyota vehicles in the past. I went with the Highlander because it has a timing chain vs. a timing belt which the Pilot has. Those can snap and your car just dies. This happened to me as a young person on a 4 lane highway during rush hour and I was in the fast lane. It was absolutely terrifying to run across those lanes to get to help. So that feature is important to me. Also my brand new Highlander was in an accident a few weeks ago and we barely felt it. The car is most likely totaled and we'll know soon but the safety features worked.
  15. We have experience with talk therapy and medications. The talk therapy at that age didn't really do much. The medication worked for a few years and then the anxiety came back and then some so we stopped it. What did help was hypnotherapy. My daughter was given tools to stop the anxiety by interrupting the thought patterns. In the hyno sessions she visualized calming areas, the anxiety as a monster that shrinks, etc. My daughter has suffered with anxiety pretty much her whole life and has OCD and ADHD as well and this really helped.
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