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  1. I just found this message. For us it was just not an interesting read. Lots of pointless info for the age. My daughter had little recall of the information. We were coming from story of the world, which she has loved. We are moving to the good and the beautiful. The pictures in notgrass are beautiful. And I’ve held onto the book, there’s just better options IMO.
  2. Check out these two series, warriors and wings of fire. the first is cats as warriors, the second is dragons. my sensitive yet not quite girly daughter loves these series. She is not into Harry Potter, too scary at times. But she has soaked up these books with amazement. They are both available on hoopla if you want to check them out to see if it’s his style or not.
  3. We use Michael clay Thompson for language arts. we are still on paragraph town series, but we have essay voyage already. Mct is an amazing program. It appears overwhelming until you crack open the books and begin, then the ease of everything seems dreamlike.
  4. our year typically runs January to October. This is our third year homeschooling and we skipped a year, or I guess more accurately we did grades 2 and 3 in one year. English- Michael clay Thompson paragraph town series (our second awesome year with mct) Math- beast academy 3 (a second exciting year with beast) we also use dragon times card game and Tgtb math box. science- Bearean Builders, science in the scientific revolution (our third year!) history- historical fiction and nonfiction, liberty's kids videos (started with notgrass OSSS, we did not like it) we also use famous figure cut outs and utilize a world scrunch map for geography, we need the USA version. handwriting- cursive logic exercise - body groove on demand health - the care and keeping of you. we are also doing all 6 Roald Dahl creative writing books, reading the books, then listening to the audio, then finishing with the movie) unfortunately I bought way more than that. And we just really don’t need it. Some I will be able to utilize for next year.
  5. For first grade we read lots of picture books, and reread lots of picture books. we used science in the beginning, we are now on the third book in that series.(after a flop with apologia) story of the world ancient times was a huge hit that year. We utilized the reading list in the student book and added famous figures cut outs. The library was our best friend that year! Language lessons for today, we stuck with that until we were ready to start grammar island series. I still miss it sometimes. We also did a study guide from total language plus for the courage of Sarah noble. We just did the parts we liked best and it was really enjoyable.(regrets were first language lessons, and Tgtb that I sadly tried 3 levels before giving up.) math we used Danika mckeller's do not open this math book. A little bit of math mammoth, do not open this math book had a higher fun value and was more colorful. hand writing heroes from teachers pay teachers. Abcya games, there are tons. And lots of educational tv. Mostly neat geo as I have a animal lover.
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