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  1. My ds is starting 9th in January and I am trying to plan his science. He is a very mathy kid (loves AoPS), prefers mature school work, and is a capable student. He is very interested in astronomy and I was hoping to have a year of it for him sometime in high school. He has already studied the solar system etc. both in logic stage schoolwork and quite a bit on his own so it would need to be beyond an introductory course. I had him look at the astronomy text recommended in WTM and he said that it was too basic for him. I am not very knowledgeable about what would be prerequisites for that type of course. Would that kind of class follow Physics or could it precede it? (He is on track to be in Calculus as a Senior.) I have seen two sequences: (per WTM) Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Physics. I am considering using the DIVE program: Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. DIVE is on my radar because of the video labs (HS labs are so costly), the option to make them AP with CLEP testing, and the inclusion of the lectures since I am not qualified at all in science. I like the idea of getting that Physics/Chemistry basis before moving on as I remember the difficulties I had without that foundation, but, if we do that, then which class do we skip in order to do a year of Astronomy? Would it be best to just follow the DIVE sequence and then just add in an astronomy class that is only on say Fridays? If it were advanced material, is that even feasible? What do people think of the WTM sequence? Thanks for any feedback.
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