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  1. I’m looking updated info on this. I like the idea of the book, it’s reviews but the reviews for the self study course are sparse and dated. Son will be a junior not looking for science major, likely Comm college. Not a math kid. I’d like a well organized course that I can see progression and grades without having to borrow the book from him or seek links endlessly for materials. I really like it has videos to go along with the lessons. I know John was on this board who helped develop the curriculum, would love his input ..hello?? ✋🏻 This kid does not seek out info but will do work assigned, he’s gifted in science, but not that interested. Hoping a less dry course may reignite interest, but it has to be accessible without a bazillion links to follow. Additionally, I’ve read on this board that the video quizzes were inane. Whatever experience you have is much appreciated! My alternative is Holt Physical Sci, it dos the job but definitely typical school textbook, worksheet approach.
  2. So, my newly homeschooled rising junior has completed a general world history class and American history still ongoing for modern times. He and I would like for him to hit Ancient Greek and Rome for one semester with more of a focus than was given in World History and would also like to add Medieval History for the next semester. His senior year would be Renaissance and European History. As we are off the usual track for these courses and we want self paced, I am looking at using History of the World books for a spine for all while adding extras where interests rise. I would like to know if I can pick and choose time periods to cover from these as easily as I think. I will do his Lit separately but to compliment the historical periods, I can swing that on my own. Likely, I’d add The Great Courses Plus here and there to bring it to life. Thoughts?
  3. Im using I chose the physical geography course and will supplement classes from the two geology courses (I and II) after completing to get a complete year credit for Earth Science. Im also adding in complemetary lectures from The Great Courses Plus Geology course. The Geology course has an included lab component.
  4. They are very pricey individually! We have a yearly subscription, i found a deal thru a himeschool page for 3 mo free then $10/month for life 😬.
  5. Thx! I did find a recorded Geology course with lab online that would work too and was going to supplement with a few Great Courses Plus lectures. Ill look at this too, good to know i was on the right track. 😃
  6. We need to pick a text for high school Earth Science, any suggestions? I’ve found a couple on Amazon which are likely fine but would prefer accompanying materials like a teacher’s guide, labs, etc. not looking for online for this course.
  7. Three ideas! One, try the RECORDED Saxon Alg 1 class, its an actuallive class that has been recorded so it has complete instructions...and yiu can add grading and/or tutoring by an actual teacher 😃for additional fees. It’s $30/ mo for unlimited classes so not to much to try and its $1 for the first week so yiu can try it out. They've been beyond helpful and responsive to me. She could potentially join a live class midyear, but they start back next week and thats a lot more $. Two, try for the AYOP Saxon Alg 1 class. This is the integrated geometry Alg 1, the Homeschool Connections is the newest version where Alg is separated from geometry Three, if Saxon is giving her too many difficulties, I read great things on multiple sites about Jacobs Algebra (geometry too). It’s also a spiral curriculum but has more flash and real world type of app,ication problems. Homeschoolconnections may have that option as well, they have several for math.
  8. Given her very obvious ability and the need for a scientist to solve problems, what about AOPS? They offer several advanced classes alternatuvely she can look into a University offering online classes to high schoolers like U of Missouri which offers lots of high level math for $250.
  9. I can see where that would come across that way...both were correct though 😜. AT THE TIME he completed Alg 1, he wasnt as solid as id have liked but tutoring for the last semester 3x/week changed that. His Use of Alg 1 skills in Math 2 solidified those skills more but the quick and dirty Math 2 objectives werent enough to breach the Alg 2 topic barrier. So, no, he doesnt need to repeat Alg 1 and is familiar with many Alg 2 topics (radicals, quadratics, etc) but in no way versed in them. Graphing and equations and applying the quadratic equation are ok. He either needs to repeat math 2 then do Math 3 or go back to geometry then Alg 2 which is what he’s chosen to do preferring geometry now. His luck was getting an A due to the weight of hw in his class, he would have had a B in most classes due to his less than stellar performance in the first semester. The teacher didn't use Saxon tests either, but made her own which were significantly different than the homework problems. He made significant strides with the tutoring, even his teacher remarked on his fluency on his final report card. Then, he had 8 months of no math and switched to Integrated Math 2 in Spring of his Freshman year in public. Thats the reasoning for me going back to Saxon, plus he knows the flow of the text and with the recorded classes and teacher support should be able manage. I’m sorry my ramblings were less than clear and appreciate the hand-holding as i figure this out.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions Pen. I think it’d be fairly easy to cobble together a unit on Greek Mythology or WWII to fit the bill for English this year using the Great Courses along with associated novels, etc, maybe I can get him to read Unbroken finally. I’ve found a Saxon Geometry course that is block scheduled but AYOP so he could finish early summer if he starts next week. I’d like to slow him down for Alg 2 in the Fall and do the usual yearlong course...another benefit is his brother will being doing the same next Fall. Thankfully, my older son doesnt begrudge his brother his ability in math, just wishes he had it too. Any suggestions for Earth Science? I’d tackle that at an accelerated pace this Spring rather than Physical Science and i’m hoping to convince him to give Conceptual Physics a try instead of skipping it altogether next year. He’s so afraid of the math in physics and chemistry, he wants to avoid both. And chem is just plain fun! Or was when i took it and I don't recall a ton of math in it.
  11. If it gets deep in religion, both of us would be too distracted by that to continue with a course. He’s interested in the book to film analysis class (reading 5-6 books and analyzing the film counterparts aling with the books) which i could add The Odyssey 6 wk course (his choice) and a short writing course to for a full year of English credit. At this point, im looking for things he’s interested enough in to use as a way to kindle the internal motivation. Potentially, we could try unit studies a la Great Books but of my own derivation to cover lit/history/writing in one fell swoop using The Great Courses and books he’s interested in...then, I’d be needing science and math as separate classes which may be overall less overwhleming for us both. He has finally decided he needs to drop Integrated math and back uo to geometry then Alg 2. As he used Saxon Alg 1 in 8th and I think needs the spiral plus cogent text materials along with videos, we’re going with that. My younger son is taking Saxon Geometry now in 8th grade at his school...with a 98, so is an additional resource to us. My son recounted today that he has YEARS of poor math instruction (ie 6 teachers in 6th grade in public since they kept rotating subs, an inept prealg instructor, etc) and just feels completely incompetent in math. He has always been much more succesful with geometry and trig topics in the integrated math so starting with his strengths. Thoughts on the unit study idea? How to ascertain correct credit hours, etc? Go big or go home, right? 🙈
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