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  1. I would guess it just feels far away to people when they don't know anyone who's had it. I get it, to be honest. It didn't feel real to me when it was in Italy. I don't think I'll ever have the luxury of feeling that way in my life, but it didn't.
  2. So it does look like kids don't spread it much. I remember talking to you about that... I'm glad that's still looking true. On the other hand, Israel just had a school cluster :-/. But that was for older kids. I'm now wondering if you have had any older students with it in schools or not.
  3. We didn't know anything, though :-(. For all we knew, everyone else was going to be in NY in two weeks. That's why the lack of testing is, to me, the biggest thing that went wrong. We should have measured spread through randomized flu swab sampling to begin with. I assume the willingness might change if the virus seems closer to people :-/. The problem is that that tends to be too late.
  4. Your schools are open now, right? No outbreaks in schools yet?
  5. That's the problem with not testing, doing a sort of pseudo-shutdown that didn't work that well, and then reopening with a greater number of cases than you started with. People are over it even in places that didn't have a significant number of cases and may still have an outbreak.
  6. Yeah, everyone outdoors was wearing a mask here, but then it's hard to social distance. And you might wind up using transit.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't go by how full parking lots are at all. Not a reliable indicator.
  8. I think it's easier for us, since my kids are younger and less dependent on outside social stuff than yours. I am also lucky in that my kids are pretty easy mental health-wise. They don't seem traumatized by any of this, and they are generically pretty resilient children.
  9. Yeah, we had to make this decision for my sister, who was supposed to fly to visit us from Chicago... I didn't want her going through crowded airports :-/. She wound up going back to Toronto instead, since my mom could drive to pick her up.
  10. Exactly. That's just a ridiculous stretch for a kid who is still not quite sure what 16+5 is, because they know they'll have to regroup, but maybe they don't quite remember exactly how that works, and they have to write it it down and think about it, etc. If place value still feels like a concept you're working on, this problem is far too hard. By the way, we have the same thing -- we're using it both behind and ahead at the same time, depending on how you count. At this point, DD7 is in grade 2, so technically BA 3 (which I use very occasionally) is "ahead" for her. She's also working on approximately middle school level math, so BA 3 is "behind" for her. I think difficult puzzles take all sorts of skills that don't simply come through conceptual understanding.
  11. Yeah, there probably wasn't much there to begin with and restrictions kept things from really going up, I'd guess. I've wondered about what would happen in that situation -- where people shut but there hadn't even been a curve to flatten :-/. And now things might go up.
  12. So is this your impressions of Austria or of somewhere else?
  13. It was just an example of backwards reasoning, which I think comes later than forwards reasoning. The BA puzzles are fancier than that, but the harder ones also involve backwards reasoning, which is easier if you're already fluent and not if you're still struggling with two-digit addition. I do not think BA is particularly advanced in its topics. But I think if you use it on grade level, it involves a higher level of frustration than it would used a year behind. And for some kids, that's fine. And for other kids, it's not fun at all like that. You gotta know your own kid and their desire to bang their head against the wall.
  14. I think he said something about needing the data reviewed. I don't know why people wouldn't have had warning about that, though -- that's very annoying.
  15. I think it's something very similar to 0.7% here at this point, too. And as long as we don't have silent spread for a while, that'll be OK. But with silent spread, one can get to a few percent pretty quickly, and then the chances get a lot higher :-/. But yeah, I think one is fine if one is not going to indoor places with lots of people there. Chance are pretty low. Of course, then the question is what I'm going to do about all of our activities. Those do involve a lot of people. I foresee a fairly socially distanced fall, especially since I'm probably going to try to stay off transit.
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