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  1. Hi. I have a mild scoliosis. When I was a teenager I had a growth spurt and it got quite painful. Carrying a bag at school, standing for a long time and even sitting at a desk for long periods would cause pain or discomfort. To me, what your son is experiencing is quite normal. I had a short course if physiotherapy and started swimming weekly to build up the muscles in my back. Nowadays I rarely have problems with my back. Even when I was pregnant. Occasionally, my husband says there's a bit of swelling on my back where the scoliosis is but that's usually after I've worked out. Hopefully your son will stop growing and it'll calm down. Hope that helps 😊
  2. Hi, if you go to the Chromebook webstore and type in "cold turkey" it comes up with alternative apps that you can use. One is called MAD which seems to be similar to what you described
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