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  1. Any suggestions on spelling and penmanship books would be appreciated also!! For LA, Im planning on using writing with ease and the language lessons by the same author. She is working on a 3rd grade curriculum at school, should I scale down and get the level 2 on these? (Her reading is at a much higher grade)
  2. Hi! I am ready to order our first math curriculum and noticed that on the Singapore math website there is a new version called “dimension math”. Has anyone used this one? Which one is recommended? Also, are the text books and teacher guides necessary? Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you all! Im so excited to start the home education journey. It seems as if there are plenty of resources to choose from, I appreciate all the input! 🙂
  4. Thank you ~ I just looked at Cambridge Latin and it looks good.
  5. Thank you. Do you have any recommendations for a Latin starter book? I like the look sof Prima Christiana but we need a more secular program?
  6. Thank you all! Where is the best place to purchase the Singapore math books?
  7. Hi All! After much research into the classical education model of education from the WTM, I have decided to HS my daughter as of Jan. She is 6, currently in public school and was just accelerated to a 2nd grade “gifted” class learning a 3rd grade curriculum. Not the greatest learning environment hence the HS. I am planning on using the Singapore Math books but unsure which level to start her on. I feel that level 3 may be too challenging if compared to 3rd grade common core which she is working on now. Should I just start her on 1 and then swiftly move forward? She is an extremely fast learner! Thanks in advance!
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