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  1. Thank you for this. I've reallocated the portion of my brain dedicated to my last chemistry course and would not have thought specifically of lab reports.
  2. Yes, I meant Clover Valley Chemistry. Thanks for the catch! The reviews are certainly excellent. I feel good about having a path forward for chemistry now. Based on the feedback, the regular chemistry with Clover Valley sounds like the right fit. She'll have some tough courses in addition to this and I don't want to overload her. Thank you again for all the information and pointing me to the reviews!
  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think we'll do chemistry next year, then give Thinkwell's Bio a try the subsequent year. I appreciate the pointer to the separate lab book -- that would solve the lab dilemma. I didn't realize Clover Creek offered asynchronous components with the chemistry offerings -- I'd mistakenly thought only live online classes were offered. After viewing the sample videos at the site, I think we'll pursue Clover Creek rather than Thinkwell as our next science. I really like the enthusiasm of the instructor and the flexibility of regular vs. honors is also attractive. Thanks again for all the input!
  4. This is helpful feedback - thank you. Not having labs in chemistry seems like a deal breaker to me. I'm going to keep looking.
  5. Next year's science will be either Chemistry or Biology for DD's 10th grade lineup. I've been drawn to Thinkwell as I've searched for a science that: - offers challenge to an academically-oriented kid that enjoys more rigorous material (yes I know, definition of "rigor" is very individual...) - offers a video instruction component - is asynchronous - not interested in live, online instruction at the moment I saw from the pinned posts that BJU offers what would be considered honors chemistry and bio, however, I'm leaning toward secular science curriculum as I want to give DD coverage of evolution to prep her for college science. We're Christian, but I've found BJU to provide more sermonizing than I find palatable in a science course. We cover bible in its own course, and the arguments against other views get tedious for me and for DD ("get to the science" is what she's often stated during the video lectures). It's a shame as I was otherwise impressed by the quality of the material in their Life Science course. Thinkwell's samples look entertaining and the TOC for each seems to be pretty comprehensive. I have a few concerns and would love feedback from those of you that have used these courses: - Thinkwell doesn't appear to include a lab component with Bio or Chemistry. I don't want to close any doors for DD, who hasn't zeroed in on a particular focus for college yet, and omitting a lab component (particularly for chemistry) seems like a bad idea. Thoughts? As a non-science person, having a course that's fairly open and go and having to add labs and presumably figure out which lessons to associate them with sounds like a lot of work. Has anyone found a good way to address this? - I was contemplating having DD take Bio in 10th grade and Chemistry in 11th grade (due to the difficulty of the material), but saw some commentary somewhere that Thinkwell's bio might require chemistry as a prerequisite. She's currently wrapping up Algebra II so I'm guessing she'll have enough math under her belt. Any thoughts on the order of the two courses? I'm open to alternative suggestions. Having a video component, labs, and coverage of evolution is making it hard for me to find a curriculum on my own. Appreciate any wisdom from those that have walked this path before me! Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the suggestions everyone. DD is a rising 9th grader. I was unable to find locations that were offering the PSAT 8/9 at all during her 8th grade year, so I'm trying again to have her take it during 9th grade. My primary goal is to get her accustomed to taking these tests - to get familiar with the format as well as the experience of taking it in a room full of others before it "counts" in later years. I realize it's not mission-critical, but I feel strongly that it sure would be useful. Thank you gstharr for the pointer to CTY, CTD, and TIP. I will investigate those possibilities.
  7. I'd love to have my daughter take the PSAT 8/9. As a homeschooler, according to the College Board website, you need to find a local school that's offering the test, then contact them and humbly beg that they'll let you register. There are only 4 locations within 2 hours that are offering the PSAT 8/9. And unfortunately, none of the schools I've called are willing to let a homeschooler register. I'm very concerned that DD will miss out on critical testing opportunities moving forward (the ones that count -- like the PSAT, etc.) if this is the game that's being played. Has anyone found any creative solutions to this problem? If you must take these tests at a testing location, and no one will take you, what do you do? I did have DD take the CLT 8 this past year which thankfully can be taken online. Go CLT!!! I'm definitely a fan after being shut out of other testing options.
  8. DD is taking DO Physics this year. She's doing well but keeps reaching areas where it would be helpful to get assistance from a tutor. Yes, I know that you can email DO and his TA (and they've been incredibly responsive and have sent videos) - just know that an interactive conversation with a live human (presumably over Zoom/Skype) would be very helpful. I have no complaints about Derek Owens or the class structure. I think this format has so many advantages for DD -- being able to pause and rewind during lectures is excellent vs. a live class. She's taken other DO classes that are also very high quality. But with physics..... just need a little extra help. Anyone know of a tutor that's familiar with his class materials? I have leads on physics tutors, but if it was someone that didn't need to come up to speed on this class, it would be icing on the cake. Thank you in advance for any pointers! 🙂
  9. Just wanted to add that when something particularly heavy/intense is covered, a warning is issued at the start of the video. This could be helpful if you have younger kids watching with olders.
  10. Just wanted to share a recent find. I've been wanting for some time to introduce DD to current events, but was hesitant to have her watch "adult" news due to disturbing/inappropriate content. I wanted to tiptoe into this, but still have her become more aware of the world. I stumbled across World Watch News by the World News Group. We've been watching it each morning to start our school day. The segments are 10 minutes long; with discussion, we spend about 20 minutes each morning discussing current events as well as whatever other meaty topics arise from watching the segment. We have a monthly subscription, although you can pay yearly. I've been very impressed with the quality of the content, as well as the way that they make it age-appropriate (ex: if the filibuster is discussed in the news, they spend a minute introducing kids to what a filibuster is, the history of its introduction, etc.). https://worldwatch.news/ I don't work for these folks or benefit from promoting it -- just excited to share a find with others. I'd love to see them stick around -- this has been such a huge boost to our school days. Perhaps some of you will like it as well!
  11. I second First Form Latin. It's very straightforward and as you progress through the Forms series (First Form, Second Form, Third Form, Fourth Form) your students develop a high level of proficiency with the Latin grammar. The series is really well done. There are optional teaching videos as well that accompany each level - the teacher talks directly to the student. We've used the texts and videos for First-Third Form so far and I've been very impressed with them.
  12. You can pre-register at this site to be notified of eligibility when it opens up to his age bracket/status: FL Covid testing/vaccination registration sitehttps://www.patientportalfl.com/s/?language=en_US The pharmacy sites do not permit pre-registration for those that aren't eligible yet, to my knowledge.
  13. First steps for vaccine information for Pinellas County residents (takes you through step by step); also points to some additional sources not mentioned in the links in my prior post: https://covid19.pinellascounty.org/vaccines/
  14. Here are some sources of vaccine registration/information when he's eligible: Publix vaccination https://www.publix.com/covid-vaccine/florida FL Covid testing/vaccination registration site https://www.patientportalfl.com/s/?language=en_US Walmart vaccination https://www.walmart.com/cp/1228302 Sams Club vaccination https://www.samsclub.com/pharmacy Winn Dixie vaccination https://www.winndixie.com/pharmacy/covid-vaccine Sarasota County vaccine registration https://member.everbridge.net/835908009984015/login
  15. I'm registering DD for the CLT 8 (administering it at home). I'm being prompted to enter profile information in order to register. One of the fields prompts us for the name of our homeschool. Does the name of our homeschool matter in terms of transcripts if DD ends up applying to highly competitive schools? In the past when prompted I'd always used <last name> Homeschool for simplicity. Should I have something that sounds more schooly, or is that pretentious? Or perhaps (likely) I'm overthinking this and none of it matters. Thoughts from those that have gone before me? I appreciate any advice!
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