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  1. Just the 3 of us will be here. The menu is grilled burgers and smoked sausage, twice baked potatoes, deviled eggs, stuffed jalapenos with bacon, and homemade ice cream. We will probably take Fil a plate-he is on hospice and I know he would enjoy (he is still able to eat.)
  2. Hey everyone!! I got my mom taken care of yesterday with her cataract appointment, and her next appointment will be covered by my dad. So, while I am glad to help, it feels good to have more time at home. Today's plan: Launder sheets and put them back on-no folding!!-done Clean the bathrooms-done Clean the floors Weed and water-weeded, but not watering today-got stung by a wasp and not going back out there until morning Cook-done Clean out the refrigerator-done Call parents and email mother in law-done Clean the kitchen-done Sort mail and shred-done Probably need to freeze some tomatoes I brought back yesterday Hopefully get a second coat of paint on my aqua wall Cut out laminated school stuff when I sit down to rest-done
  3. I know Eric Larson has been mentioned already, but Devil in the White City is the latest I listened to of his, and it is really good.
  4. Can't let this thread go by without mentioning The Mitford series. Even though there's a Father Tim, Jan Karon is a wonderful writer, and the books are not centered on Christianity that I recall.
  5. There are puzzle games that can be played on your phone. Maybe that would work as a happy medium?
  6. I read, listen to books on audible, cook, clean and organize. Right now I am painting each of the walls of my bedroom a different beach color house. The rest of the house will also need to be painted, but it will be a little more subdued. I attend church, see about parents and inlaws. My Pinterest board is alive and well. I have been reworking my flower garden and plan to add more to it-just planted sunflower seeds last week. I got my teaching degree at age 54 and I love teaching my first graders. Some of my at home time is consumed with schooly stuff. I am working on losing weight, and when the weather is cooler, I hope to get back into walking. It's just too hot and humid right now. Dh and I love browsing in bookstores. I enjoy shopping alone at flea markets and other stores. I'm not a girlfriend shopper. Even Dh and I will split up when we shop. I hope you find something you enjoy doing!!
  7. Good morning!! The plan for today includes: Church AM Church PM Weeding Watering Sort mail and shred Pay a couple bills Call my dad Cut out some laminated items for school Make salads? Pick out and download a kindle book to my phone Meal are leftover/bacon tomato sandwiches
  8. Good morning everyone!! Dh is home today, so there will be three meals-Ds is cooking one of them. Decide on dinner-we had bacon and tomato sandwiches Get some weeding done-very little done Read in 4 Hour Body and make meal plans-read and made very loose plans-I need to get some definite plans written done to help me stay on course Shred and go through mail-did the shredding Fold laundry Buy paint and some items at dollar general-done and got one coat of aqua on Pick up Mil's groceries and dh will deliver them-done Call my parents about upcoming cataract surgery-done Water everything-bought an additional water hose last night, so it should be easier-done Whatever else gets done
  9. We're having a fun day, too!! The plans: Coffee-in progress Cook quick breakfast-scrambled eggs with precooked crumbled sausage/cheese Finish getting dressed Go to next larger town over and spend the day in Barnes and Noble-this is what Dh wants for his birthday. He loves doing this!! Eat out while we're there I need to do some outside watering. Whatever else gets done.
  10. Hey everybody!! @mom31257enjoy your daughter's visit. @TheReadersafe travels. Today I need to: Sweep up what tracked in last night-done Laundry in progress-done Weed-done Prime the wall I didn't get done yesterday Cook dinner-I think Mini Meatloaves-done Shred-will be glad when this is finished-done Cut out laminating-done Cook some beans-I am supposed to be eating beans on the 4 Hour Body Diet, but I really don't like canned beans except in salad. Read Whatever else gets done
  11. @mom31257These are cut thin from a pork loin I bought, so they are boneless and probably less than a quarter inch thick. I mix one egg and a little milk. To this I add Toney's seasoning, garlic powder, and onion powder. Once the meat has thawed and it's an hour or less til time to cook them, I put the chops in the milk mixture. To plain flour, I add the same three seasonings. In a non stick skillet, I heat olive oil or butter. I don't know how hot I get it, I just hold my hand over it and if it seems hot, I dip the chops into the flour mixture and put into hot oil. Don't over crowd. Turn them when they are brown on one side and brown the other. My family also likes them cut into strips like chicken strips, more crispy batter. In fact, I cook chicken breast tenders the same way. Dh will eat a casserole and cookie sheet meal, but he also likes fried meat sometimes.
  12. Good morning!! Hope everyone has a blessed and productive day. This is what I hope to get done: Clean the bathrooms-done Clean the floors Clean and prepare wall then put the primer on Church Store for wheat bread and eggs Dust the furniture-done Get the clean sheets on the beds Decorate with the cute 4th of July stuff I got yesterday at Hobby Lobby-done Continue cutting out laminated things for my classroom Call a friend Dinner is pork chops, potatoes, and fried squash Weed-it's so hot and I didn't go out early
  13. I love these ideas!! We are having salad for lunch that has plenty of protein in it (chicken seasoned with rosemary, bacon, cheese.) But, for dinner I plan to make Green Enchilada Chicken Zucchini Boats. They need to be put in the oven long enough to melt the cheese. I could probably do that in the microwave, though. I will microwave some fresh corn on the cob that I got at the farmer's market yesterday to go with it. No dessert-I wish, but I am desperately trying to lose weight. I won't even eat the corn-it's not low carb!!
  14. Good morning everyone!! My plan for today: More coffee-done Fold and put away laundry-done Put away some clutter Get some things into the car to take to my classroom-done Start working on the second wall in my bedroom Some shredding-done Weed as much as I can Maybe plant some sunflowers Take back a top to Cato that my mom didn't like-only have 6 days and I bought it Saturday Lunch is salad. Dinner is Green Enchilada Chicken Zucchini Boats Maybe go to Hobby Lobby I hope everyone has a great day and accomplishes all you plan!!
  15. Today's plan Church Paint after I buy a new roller Cook my guys some dinner- I may just eat salad Drive to my parent's-will be taking her to eye surgery check up tomorrow Whatever else I find to do
  16. Praying you get good news soon!!
  17. Sorry for the quote box thingy. I'm getting a slow start today. I made the mistake of going back to sleep after dh left for work, and it has thrown my day off! Today is my cheat day dietwise, so I am stuffed to the gills with carbs and feel yucky. So for the rest of the day maybe I can work on this list: Balance the checkbook Write out the church check Cook Put a second coat of paint on one wall Fold a load of laundry Unload the car I need to weed, maybe I will be less stuffed by the time the temperature cools off some
  18. You can certainly do this-I got my teaching degree when I was 54. Go for it!! Something else I learned-there were many times that I was not the oldest student in the class. There are many non-traditional students now.
  19. Never heard of those-will have to look for them next year.
  20. Sounds like a great patio idea!!
  21. You are a cooking rock star!!
  22. I may be sorry for doing this, but if so, I can repaint. We love the beach and the beach house colors. I am painting each wall in my bedroom a different "beach house color." The previous owners just put up a piece of molding in the corners instead of mitering them, so my solution for covering them is some seashells I bought a couple weeks ago in Galveston. As far as resell value, we have NEVER made any money selling houses, so I will do what I want with it, right?
  23. This thread is amazing-I'm bookmarking for when I get tomatoes from my dad. BTW, do any of you raise Cherokee Purples? They are one of my favorite varieties.
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