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  1. Prayers for your BIL, Amy. After yesterday's doctor visit, hopefully I can get back on schedule to doing all the things today. Already had coffee and breakfast. The Plan: Cook some beans-done Make stuffed jalapenos and hamburgers and fried eggplant Order MIL groceries and pick up-DH will deliver them-done Work outside Work in my bedroom-done Laundry-done Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms Electronic organizing Personal care-trim all the nails/deep clean face/lotion up/skin lightener Whatever I am forgetting
  2. Well, today started off in a whirlwind. I went to my 7:15 dentist appointment, staff was late getting there, went in and found out my appointment is for Friday. I have a gyn appointment at 9 something. At least I think I do. After that, I need to do the following. Plan dinner Work outside Paint Work on Pinterest and Google Drive Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms Church tonight Cook some beans Laundry Help DH decide about vacation next week-his dad is on Hospice Put away the July 4 decorations Hope everyone has a productive day!!
  3. Good morning everyone!! I'm having a slow start again-got to get it in gear!! Today's plan: More coffee and breakfast Classroom Electronic organizing Work in bedroom Buy a new paintbrush-I forgot to rinse mine out, so it's ruined Figure out dinner Laundry Work outside Maybe go to the next town over and check out a flea market
  4. Good afternoon everyone. I cooked breakfast for dh this morning, then went back to sleep. Spent some screen time after I woke up, then went to work in my classroom. The floors haven't been cleaned, so I can't set up furniture, but there is a lot that I can get done. Today I hung some things up and cleaned out/organized part of my desk. Now, back home and trying to get motivated to work. Things I can do: Work in my bedroom Work outside Put clean sheets back on the bed Organize Pinterest and Google Drive Cook dinner-a squash/ground beef casserole and fried eggplant
  5. Happy 4th everyone!! Today's plan: Church Grocery store then home to grill and cook: Burgers, Twice baked potatoes, deviled eggs, stuffed jalapenos, and homemade ice cream. Church Paint Work outside Visit inlaws and take FIL some ice cream Work on Google Drive Work on Pinterest Read? Church fellowship tonight
  6. I've thought about ditching it completely. We bought this place a little over 2 years ago, and at the time the thought of putting my stuff on top of their germs just squigged me out. Of course, I cleaned the cabinets first, so I know it was an OCD thing. I feel the same way about bathtubs. Haven't had a bath here-only showers. My dad told me once that I was nasty-nice.
  7. I want to use shelf liner on my kitchen shelves, but I have trouble with it moving around in some cabinets. I've tried to foamy stuff with little holes and it moves around pretty bad. So I bought the vinyl kind, and I thought it would work out fine, but it really doesn't. What do I need to use? Tell me what you've got!!
  8. @ScoutTN glad your daughter is coming home!! Today will be 90 degrees with 45% humidity. I hope to get in lots of outside work!! Today's plan: Work outside Work in my bedroom Laundry Maybe start exercising? Decide on dinner Start deep cleaning kitchen Pack DS's things as I come across them-he is moving in September Work on Google Drive Read Organize my Pinterest boards
  9. Our Sunday plans: Grill and have a nice meal after church. Sunday PM our church is having a fellowship, so we may go to that. Your plans are fine. You get to do what you want without feeling guilty about it!!
  10. Good morning everyone!! I've had a sluggish few days-hopefully today will be better. The plan: More coffee-done Breakfast-done Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms-done Cook 3 meals-one down, two to go Work outside-done Work in my bedroom Laundry-done Checkbook statement-done Call my parents-done Work on Google Drive-done
  11. Reminds me of the Mayonnaise cakes I used to see in older cookbooks.
  12. Good morning, everyone!! Today's plan: Do the things I didn't get done yesterday Laundry Cook-maybe breakfast for dinner Work outside Dentist appointment in a little while Work in bedroom Pick up some paint to do the trim work Whatever I am forgetting
  13. Well, my day turned out to be different than planned as I got precious little done. I bought pants for FIL and delivered them-the store only had one pair in his size, so I will stop at another one on my way to church in a little while to get him another pair. He says they are hard to pull up when he goes to the bathroom, so I need to find out what he means in order to fix it. I don't want MIL to have to pull his pants up. She spends nearly every waking minute doing things for him as it is. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
  14. Good morning!! The sun is shining, and it's supposed to be a little cooler today-always welcome! Today's plan: Continue working in my bedroom Clean the bathrooms Clean the Bissell Figure out dinner and cook Church tonight Work outside Go to the store for MIL to get some comfortable pants for FIL Continue working on Google Drive
  15. I would get rid of at one of the crock pots and the other appliances you mentioned. However, I think I would keep the spoon. I have some things I make that really call for a certain spoon. If you eat much oatmeal, I think you would miss the spoon. The appliances? Not so much.
  16. Good morning everyone!! The sun is shining today, and it's not supposed to rain--and it's not as hot as last week. Today's plan: Coffee-done Breakfast-done Weed Keep hacking at a bush I started taking out yesterday-done Work on electronic catch up-done Try to figure out why Google Drive is so slow-I wanted to get things organized this summer Paint Clean the floors-done Launder the sheets-done Cook-lasagna since we didn't have it yesterday-it's in the oven Whatever I am forgetting
  17. Good morning to all!! I slept in and had stupid dreams. DH is off today and outside weedeating-even got his own breakfast. Today's plan: Coffee, then breakfast for me-done Weed and maybe start chopping down a bush we don't want Clean the kitchen -done Laundry is in the washer now-done Clean the floors Shop for the things I didn't get yesterday-done One coat of paint on the wall Clean the Bissell Dinner-lasagna for them, something low carb for me-probably some of the food we grilled Make some salads-done-eleven salads Whatever else gets done
  18. Good to hear from you!! I hope the medication you are taking helps with your struggles. You mentioned that Bible study keeps you awake. Have you tried listening to the Bible-I'm sure there are apps? Back when I listened to the Bible on tape (Shows my age), I would fall asleep listening to it.
  19. Good afternoon!! So far I have done: AM Church Worked in my bedroom Picked up MIL's groceries Some Google Drive work Still left to do" PM Church Work in bedroom some more Sweep Dinner is leftovers May put some tomatoes in the freezer. Some more Google Drive work Go to the store to pick up a few things and buy paint-may do this on the way to church Whatever else gets done.
  20. Ok, this is a really stupid question, but here goes. What, if any, effect does the practice of having things built by the lowest bidder have in the quality of the work? I know that the building needed repairs, but I can't help but wonder about workmanship and cutting corners. I know that is standard practice, and companies want their work to shine, certainly to not have liability issues. Does anyone else wonder about this? I have thought about this for years.
  21. I'm so sorry, Scarlett, for the mean things that you have had to endure from your father.
  22. Good afternoon, everyone. I haven't been very productive today. After Dh left for work, I ate some cereal, then went back to sleep. Ugh. So far, besides catching up on sleep, I have been to the grocery store. DS wants to grill today, so I bought what we needed for that along with some other things. Today is cheat day, and I always buy too much to enjoy. I can't take it like I used to could- a good thing. The rest of the day, I need to: Be on hand for the grilling marathon-ongoing-I don't think we used enough coals, but we're both inexperienced Clean and prep the next wall to be painted Buy the paint Weed, if I can take the heat-it's in the 90's Order an academic calendar-done Call my parents Order groceries for MIL Shred some papers Maybe shop if I can get away from the house Whatever else gets done
  23. Got the wall painted. Now on to other plans: Shop for groceries Weed the flower garden Pick out the color for my third wall- it will be coral Cook- a chicken recipe off Pinterest Go through some old college papers Line some dresser drawers and other deep cleaning in bedroom Fold some laundry Organize Google Drive Whatever else gets done
  24. Good morning everyone!! I have a lot to do today but the only thing I will put on this list is: Paint the wall!! I hope to come back and add a normal list when I get the painting done. Hope everyone has a great day!!
  25. Good morning!! It's already hot outside, but that is summer in the South. Today's plan: Do the floors that I didn't get done yesterday-done Second coat of paint on the wall Weed and water the flower beds Pay a bill-done Shred some papers-done Take some things to my classroom if Dh can help me. I will need him to help with the rug I bought. Don't want to drag it.-done Cook-I think Eggplant Parmesan-done Fold some laundry-done Put up a hanger for my mops and broom Hammer in some loose trimwork Call my parents-done Whatever else gets done
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