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  1. Good morning everyone!! I have already: Dusted Had a cup of coffee Cooked breakfast and prepared lunch for DH Emptied the dishwasher Still to do: More coffee-done Brunch-I am trying intermittent fasting/bulletproof coffee-done Plan dinner-done (deer and gravy/potatoes/corn Work in bedroom-done Work in kitchen-done Make some phone calls-my insurance, FIL insurance, MIL-done Continue going through the mail-done School videos- I was going through them without any trouble, but the Bullying one always stumps me, so I need to go back through it so I can pass the test Check on the amazon account for expired card Laundry Go buy a shower curtain liner that I forgot a couple days ago-done Whatever else gets done!!
  2. Now I know why my psoriasis cleared up when I had Covid.
  3. I use The New York Times They used to print total cases, but now it's new cases per day.
  4. Thanks everyone!! I was able to get some up with water, dish soap, and a scrubby. There are drops and smears. The drops, I can just pick off with my fingernail. I can't wait to try these suggestions as well.
  5. I've been using water based paint in my bedroom, and even though I've tried to be careful, I have some to clean off the floor? What works to get it off? The floor is vinyl planks.
  6. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Coffee-done Mammogram-done Work on the bedroom-done Pick up some groceries-done Make tuna salad for lunch Make salads Dinner-pork chops maybe-done Make some phone calls for MIL (FIL law passed away Tuesday, so taking care of business)-done Work in kitchen Clean the floors Buy a new shower curtain liner Whatever I am forgetting
  7. My mom had both eyes done this summer. She had a little trouble with the IV for the second one, but no trouble from the surgeries at all.
  8. Yes, I have wondered as well. Take care, Dreamergirl.
  9. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Make phone calls Work in bedroom More coffee and maybe a short nap Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms Laundry Check on father in law Whatever else gets done
  10. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: More coffee-done Breakfast-done Several hours of professional development-done Work in bedroom-hopefully while professional development is going on (virtual math conference)-done Work in kitchen-done Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms Cook dinner if DS doesn't-done Shop for new clothes, shoes, and hair accessories-done Reschedule my mammogram Pay the trash bill
  11. Two from my uncle who has passed on- he was as country as cornbread. "When a man puts his boots on of a morning, he don't ever know who's going to take them off at night." His wife was a great cook and made awesome biscuits. Uncle would say, "A man that wants toast, don't want much."
  12. @ScoutSo sorry for your struggles and glad you are seeing a counselor. @mom31257Safe travels Got home from vacation yesterday evening and have laundry almost done. Today's plan: Church AM-done Church PM Set up some PD stuff on the computer-online conference starts tomorrow-done Finish laundry-done Continue to work on Edu training modules so I won't have to do them instead of getting my classroom ready Cook two meal I need to eat breakfast -done More coffee-done Work in bedroom Work in kitchen Clean the floors Call the hotel we stayed in to see if they found the items I left
  13. @mom31257Happy Travels- enjoy the lake house!!
  14. People here (Northeast Texas) are hardly masking at all. Most did when it was required, but when the Governor took away the mandate, the masks came off, for the most part. Signs are still up at the stores to mask if you aren't vaccinated, and I see some masks, but my church still doesn't mask. We are a low vaccinated and low numbers, but our day of reckoning will eventually come. I know one person who just came out of the hospital yesterday with a pretty bad case.
  15. Good morning!! It stormed here last night and lightening hit a small pear tree.Plans for today: Pack for vacation More coffee DH has labs and doctor appointment I would like to work in the bedroom and kitchen before we leave-we'll see Hope everyone has a productive day!!
  16. I am listening to (Audible) Empire of the Summer Moon -it's about the Comanche/Quanah Parker and Cynthia Ann Parker. I'm enjoying it, although parts of it are brutal. I have around 10 hours left to listen. I have a Raising a Feast downloaded to my Kindle app, but haven't started reading it yet. I need to look for a beach read for next week. I'll be checking this thread for inspiration. I rarely listen to music at home, but when I work in my classroom, I usually put on jazz-most any YouTube channel will work for me. Sometimes I find Jazz for kids to play for my students. Whatever I watch is on my phone at night. Lately it's been reruns of Gimme a Break, All in the Family, and Three's Company. Every now and then I find a Hallmark movie to watch.
  17. Good morning-lots to do here. We're planning to leave for the beach tomorrow morning after DH goes to his doctor appointment. It stormed over night, and I think we have a high chance of rain today. We need it. My plans include: Important to get done: Laundry Church AM-done Pick up meds and watermelon for FIL and deliver them-done Church PM-done Make salads to take with us to decrease time spend in restaurants-done I have some things to burn since it rained-done Figure out dinner for tonight-done Get meds container refilled-done Save up ice for the cooler Cut up a watermelon into a big bowl-done Clean out the refrigerator-done Would be nice to get to: Work in bedroom including putting back two door knobs-I learned how last night, so proud of myself Work in kitchen
  18. Gift cards to restaurants for days she doesn't feel like cooking, puzzle books, bath or shower fizzies, lotions, nice smelling hand sanitizer, offers to talk at her convenience.
  19. I hope so much that this school year is not like last year!! It was So hard on teachers in my district-I teach first grade at a public school in Texas. Our students had a copy of the textbooks, and teachers put up assignments/posted worksheets and tests every day on Google Classroom. Students then turned in the assignments either through Google or sent them to our school email address. Grading and posting grades was a pain and took a long time-grades did not sync to our gradebook. All this had to be done in addition to our regular classes-we were doing in person and virtual classes and most of the time I came home from school only to start working on my Google Classroom job. It was horrendous!! We asked admin for there to be one teacher to handle all the virtual students in first grade, but were denied with no explanation. I repeat my first sentence: I hope so much that this coming school year is not like last year!!
  20. Good morning!! Today's plan Continue recovering from getting a tooth filled More coffee and comfort foods Work outside Work in bedroom Get beach shoes ready for next week Laundry Dinner-chicken Alfredo with angel hair pasta Start deep cleaning in kitchen Continue working on Pinterest and Google Drive Dust the furniture and put away holiday decor
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