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  1. Good morning, everyone!! I stayed in bed until after 9-unheard of for me lately!! Today's plan: Clean the floors Cook dinner-a Hello Fresh meal with chicken Work in my classroom-7days a week is getting old Clean the floors Anything else is a bonus
  2. Dh ordered a box of Hello Fresh for us, and I cooked one of the meals earlier this week. It was really tasty, but I was expecting the ingredients to be prepared. Is there such a thing? Like vegetables ready to use, meatballs already formed. The only convenience was that I didn't have to plan or shop for food. While that is a big convenience, what this first grade teacher needs right now is more prep done for me!! Which subscription do I need?
  3. Good morning, friends. I slept in some this morning, so I'm getting a late start. Today's plan: Church Pick up lunch on the way home Dinner is salad, cereal, whatever we can find here Go work in my classroom Clean the floors Some laundry to help ds get ready to move
  4. I got Covid pneumonia on day 9 or 10. Prayers for your relative.
  5. Good morning, everyone!! I am now a weekend poster-Man, this school year is so crazy so far. Today's plan: Grocery pick up-done Go to my classroom and work-done Clean the bathrooms-done except the tub which will be done tonight after showers so I can apply some non skid spots Cook breakfast-done Dinner is cabbage and smoked sausage Laundry is done except for getting the sheets back on the bed-done Not a very long list, but I will be satisfied if it is completed
  6. Speaking of dreams, when I was about 6 or 7, I thought everyone dreamed the same thing every night. I remember saying to my mother, "That was a good one last night, wasn't it?"
  7. Good morning all!! This will be another busy day-the plans are: Church -done school-done Dinner is enchiladas with my mom's recipe-not really enchiladas at all, but that's what she calls it I really need to balance the checkbook, but I don't see how I can fit it in, Hopefully by Labor Day,I can cut back on my extra hours.
  8. Good morning to everyone!! The first two weeks of school have proven to be pretty frustrating. Some students have never been in school, do not know how to write their name, much less anything else. So, it's school seven days a week for me for awhile. Today's plan: Launder sheets and make beds- in progress Biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner Grocery pickup-done Go work in my classroom-school is available 8-5 on weekends-done Clean bathrooms-done Anything else is extra
  9. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Church-first service in new building-done Grocery pickup-done lunch-pick up somewhere-done Go to the school-done Clean the bathrooms Anything else is fluff
  10. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Bury FIL's ashes-done-buried him in his tackle box Clean the floors-done Cook lunch-someone else will have to do dinner-done Paint the inside frame of a window-done Prepare for Monday's lessons-may involve going to the school-went to the school, but no air available, so I only worked a couple hours tomorrow If anything else gets done, it will be a bonus
  11. We started back today, no masks, because Texas. The daycare connected with the school shut down this afternoon because of Covid. A whole family who came to Meet the Teacher on Monday has tested positve. No virtual option.
  12. Congratulations on your new home, Amy. I hope the rest of your move-in goes smoothly. Today's plan: Pick up a fruit tray at 8, be at school at 830 My students/parents are scheduled to come in today, so it will be a fun day of meeting my kiddos No cooking as I won't get home until after 6 If I don't get my school computer today, I am not responsible for my actions
  13. Good morning everyone!! I've missed several days of posting because of inservice this week. Plans for the weekend include: Cook enough to refill the freezer Finish my bedroom except the corner molding, but get it ordered Work in the kitchen Take a load of stuff to Goodwill-done but they wouldn't take the Christmas tree-too early Wash off the seashells I collected this summer Hang a new shower curtain-done, but missing one hook-sent a message through amazon Put on new bedspread and put up the curtains Laundry-done Wash masks Call MIL and my parents-done Clean the bathrooms Clean the floors Balance the checkbook Write the church check More coffee!!-too late now Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!
  14. Hope everyone is having a great day. I just got home from school and the rest of the evening plans will hopefully include the following: Dinner-leftover meat from barbeque place and fried okra Work in kitchen Work in bedroom Laundry
  15. I'm looking forward to getting my school computer. Almost everyone has theirs, but mine last year was really old so I think they got me a new one. I Need to Print All The Things!!
  16. Good afternoon, everyone. I'm late to the game-been to PD at school all week. Plans for the rest of the day: Laundry Church Work in my bedroom Work in the kitchen If I get this much done, I will be content!!
  17. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: More coffee Figure out something for lunch and dinner-done Work in bedroom-done Laundry-done Work in kitchen-done Clean the bathrooms-done Go work at school? I need to, but I have so much to do here, and really, the things I would do at school can actually wait until Monday-didn't Work on Science lesson plans here Whatever else gets done!!
  18. @TheReaderWhich grade do you teach?
  19. Good morning everyone. Today's plan: More coffee Work in my bedroom-need to tape off window and one wall Work in my classroom Cook dinner-pancakes and bacon Clean the bathrooms Laundry Whatever else gets done
  20. Good morning everyone-I kind of slept in today-this is the last week for it. Today's plan: Lots of classroom work Church tonight Cook dinner-green beans, smoked sausage, and potatoes all together Work in my bedroom Laundry is in the washer now Work in the kitchen
  21. I vote for another cup of coffee
  22. That makes a lot of sense to just use the cream. Then there would only be half of much oil floating on the top.
  23. I bought an immersion blender because I thought it might combine the oils and coffee, but I still have to use a spoon this morning to stir before every sip. Is this normal, or should I keep trying with the blender? I am using 1 Tablespoon each of butter and MCT oil. Is there something else I need to add? Do you find it really curbs your hunger? Thanks!!
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