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  1. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Already done: Shred Breakfast and coffee Returned a book to audible and bought another Still to do: Finish laundry Church AM and PM Cook-roast with vegetables and fried okra Work in my bedroom Work in extra bedroom Listen to/delete voice mails Delete things off my phone on the way to church if dh drives Water the two plants I've been forgetting
  2. @mom31257How fun to meet your son's girlfriend. I have a long weekend-sort of. We have a PD day Monday, so kids won't be there. This will give me one more day to get things done. We'll be in meetings most of the day, but I will have some time, plus before and after. Today's plan: Already done: Shred Fix breakfast Coffee, but working on more Folded a load of clothes Still to do: Send a message with regrets about a baby shower-done Work in my classroom-prepare for a new student among other things (puts me at 21)-done Dinner-something from Hello Fresh-done Work in my bedroom Work in room ds vacated Put shelf liner on one shelf Order checks Take care of mail Clean the floors Anything else is a bonus
  3. Just joining in to say I'll be following this thread because I also have a lot of weight to lose-about 100 pounds. I've been taking Wellbutrin, but the dosage isn't high enough, so I am not getting any benefit from it. It has been really hard to get hold of my doctor, but with kids being out Monday (I'm a first grade teacher, too), maybe I can make contact with her to change my dosage. For those who have used Wellbutrin successfully for appetite control/weight loss, how many milligrams did you take?
  4. @ScoutTN thanks-everything went smoothly. He should have no trouble taking care of things himself tomorrow.
  5. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Take DH for the first IV chemo treatment Fix dinner-Scalloped potatoes with ham if I haven't let the ham go bad Clean the bathrooms Google Classroom Maybe go work in my classroom after school if dh is doing ok Clean the floors Clean up my phone while waiting at the hospital
  6. Good morning everyone. Today's plan: Turn in lesson plans-they are late-done Send an email to asst principal-done Work in classroom-done Finish laundry-done Go through mail Clean the bathrooms Order and pick up groceries-done Find and cook something for dinner-french toast and bacon
  7. Amazon sells Camel's milk for over a dollar an ounce.
  8. Good afternoon!! Couldn't sleep during the night, so I got up and did a few things. Still to do: Church PM Clean the floors Clean the bathrooms Print something Make a class list to use for lunchroom Finish cutting out some laminated center activity Work in my bedroom Google Classroom
  9. Good morning everyone!! Today's plan: Work in my classroom-I was quarantined for three days, so there's a lot to do-done Dinner-something from Hello Fresh-in the oven Maybe work in my bedroom Print a return slip for a rug I ordered from Amazon and take it to the ups store Start rearranging things since DS moved out
  10. Sending hugs to you. First of all, you are not selfish!! All the things you are struggling over wouldn't have been an issue less than 3 years ago. Please don't beat yourself up-this disease has stolen so much from all of us. You are not alone!! I understand going back and forth about making an A or just passing. I had those same feelings. Just do what feels right at the time. We aren't in normal circumstances. Be kind to yourself today!!
  11. Good morning!! Today's plan: See dh and ds off-ds is moving 5 hours away today ☹️ Laundry Clean the bathrooms Order groceries and pick up Drive through prescription for dh Check on MIL for groceries Work through some mail I know there's more...
  12. Good morning. Today's plan: Clean out the refrigerator-something in there is stinking Laundry Water the plants Google Classroom Hopefully get a lab result!! Check to make sure ds is packed and ready to move tomorrow Mexican Chicken for dinner
  13. October of last year. Not sure when my vax was, but it's been awhile. I have students who are either positive or been exposed, and many teachers out at my school.
  14. Well, I've been placed in quarantine again. I coughed a lot at work yesterday, so I went and was tested. Rapid test showed negative, but I am to quarantine until PCP comes back negative as well. As it turns out, I can only squeak, not talk, so I guess it's for the best. I know it's late, but my plans for the rest of the day are: Lesson plans turned in (waiting on Social Studies) Grade some papers Put some stuff on google classroom Laundry
  15. Good morning everyone!! So happy to stay home with family today. DS is moving 5 hours away Friday, so this is the last day for us all to be home before he moves. Kind of sad. My plans: Laundry-done Made breakfast already Get some more coffee-done Finish up a painting project Google Classroom Work on lesson plans Water plants Cook lunch and dinner Make an amazon order-done Probably more I am forgetting
  16. I am also angry at the whole partying world. And by partying, I mean going out to eat with friends after church, worshipping together without a mask or any fear, and just simply being with other people. I am one of five or six people in my church who masks, and they look like they're the ones who is coming out on top. I think we have all lost so much.
  17. Good morning all!! Today's plan: More coffee Church Work in my classroom Grocery pickup Clean the bathrooms Put work on Google Classroom
  18. Good morning, everyone!! I stayed in bed until after 9-unheard of for me lately!! Today's plan: Clean the floors Cook dinner-a Hello Fresh meal with chicken Work in my classroom-7days a week is getting old Clean the floors Anything else is a bonus
  19. Dh ordered a box of Hello Fresh for us, and I cooked one of the meals earlier this week. It was really tasty, but I was expecting the ingredients to be prepared. Is there such a thing? Like vegetables ready to use, meatballs already formed. The only convenience was that I didn't have to plan or shop for food. While that is a big convenience, what this first grade teacher needs right now is more prep done for me!! Which subscription do I need?
  20. Good morning, friends. I slept in some this morning, so I'm getting a late start. Today's plan: Church Pick up lunch on the way home Dinner is salad, cereal, whatever we can find here Go work in my classroom Clean the floors Some laundry to help ds get ready to move
  21. I got Covid pneumonia on day 9 or 10. Prayers for your relative.
  22. Good morning, everyone!! I am now a weekend poster-Man, this school year is so crazy so far. Today's plan: Grocery pick up-done Go to my classroom and work-done Clean the bathrooms-done except the tub which will be done tonight after showers so I can apply some non skid spots Cook breakfast-done Dinner is cabbage and smoked sausage Laundry is done except for getting the sheets back on the bed-done Not a very long list, but I will be satisfied if it is completed
  23. Speaking of dreams, when I was about 6 or 7, I thought everyone dreamed the same thing every night. I remember saying to my mother, "That was a good one last night, wasn't it?"
  24. Good morning all!! This will be another busy day-the plans are: Church -done school-done Dinner is enchiladas with my mom's recipe-not really enchiladas at all, but that's what she calls it I really need to balance the checkbook, but I don't see how I can fit it in, Hopefully by Labor Day,I can cut back on my extra hours.
  25. Good morning to everyone!! The first two weeks of school have proven to be pretty frustrating. Some students have never been in school, do not know how to write their name, much less anything else. So, it's school seven days a week for me for awhile. Today's plan: Launder sheets and make beds- in progress Biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner Grocery pickup-done Go work in my classroom-school is available 8-5 on weekends-done Clean bathrooms-done Anything else is extra
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