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  1. Kids should really determine their passion first before deciding what course to take in college. It is very important to avoid burnout. Also, too much academic loads and and almost no social life could lead to burnout. They should also join some curricular activities that they enjoy.
  2. Try using Grammarly, and it will help you with all the spelling and grammar issues. I hope it will help you.
  3. Impressive stories! I hope my DS will also have such wonderful achievement. Whatever achievement he will have, either in academic or in life in general, I will always be proud of him. Homeschooling is a great way to bond with kids while joining them in their learning journey.
  4. Wattpad is a place where anyone can instantly published their written works and receive comments from fellow wattpad members and readers. It's a nice place to hone one's writing skills and read free books as well. Udemy is a good learning zone too but practice is also a great way to flourish writing ability. Try Coursera too.
  5. Maybe she could try less popular books such as the ones that are shared in Wattpad. She can also try making her own story under the same genre. It will surely flourish her lover for literature.
  6. This is a very sensitive issues that we should also consider discussing. The authority should be able to spot if the sexual accusations are real or not. There are some accusations that are just accusations but left the accused ruined. Intensive investigations should be made pertaining those issues.
  7. I tried Singapore Math and it's really helpful. However, it depends on the students too. some are more at ease with the standard computational processes.
  8. There are helpful modules online that you can use for free. However, I'm not sure where to find the good ones for Spanish-speaking students. Maybe hiring a language tutor could be a great help.
  9. School works can bring great amount of pressure to grade schoolers so it's really hard to schedule afterschooling especially of the kids have spend most of their time at school daily. I think night time is a good time to share some learning to the child even for a short 30-minutes study,
  10. I'm new here and we are planning to homeschool our child. However, we're quite worried over how other relatives might perceive it. have anyone felt the same way?
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