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  1. Thanks for confirming the multi-level nature of it. DS is certainly at the lowest level, while belonging in the class. I just have to figure out how best for him to get the most out of the class. For many things he'll just do what's required, and that approach doesn't work with WOOT. He needs to know where more effort is required, versus what's simply out of range.
  2. Yes, it sounds like you need to find the right version, if it still exists, where the kid has the full lineup of subjects/topics, and can choose anything, and the parent can look at progress, and say to kid "do what you want, as long as you finish it all in the end". I can still log into Uzinggo (there's a bit of time left on subscription, but DS finished working through it) and it looks the same, but I never looked into it deeply, as it was so hands-off for me.
  3. So there have now been two live classes (plus an orientation class). The live classes themselves, which I watch with DS, don't seem too hard, and DS has no problem participating normally. But he generally finds the problem sets and other problems outside class to be very very hard indeed. I guess they have to pitch the live class at a level that most enrollees can keep up with in real time, whereas the problems outside class are more challenging since there is no time limit, and they're also trying to challenge all the students. DS has switched from home schooling to virtual public charte
  4. What has changed? DS used this until a few months ago, and he could just work through it, and I could just occasionally login to check progress and encourage him to finish, but without me ever needing to do anything. He's finished with it, but we thought we might use it again for a younger sibling, but wouldn't bother if the format has changed for the worse. (DS used it for homeschool, whereas for younger sibling it would be a supplement to school, so we could just skip it.)
  5. Yes, I would make sure he does the preparation. In regular AoPS classes (which have been his math education for some years) he would do the reading/preparation, and get the homeworks done, but I would sometimes have to push him, and I don't think he would generally do the message board problems. So I'm a bit concerned about him taking full advantage of something as open-ended as WOOT. But the main thing is that he can engage with the difficulty level (and it appears that WOOT tries to cater to different levels).
  6. ^Thanks. That Math Jam looks like it's for 2008-09 WOOT, but it's interesting to compare to the recent one. Did you have it bookmarked from then? Does anyone here have feedback whose kid took WOOT some time?
  7. He's done lots of competitions, (starting with MK grade 1) but never with written solutions. But the WOOT information seems to imply that it's okay to be a "beginner" like that. He did some AMC/AIME classes. (BTW he got close to qualifying for AIME some times before.) It could be that he's a candidate for getting "overwhelmed", but I feel like it's worth a shot to try to get to the next level. I think he does have the knowledge (I hope he hasn't forgotten stuff) but the question is, can he see the connections and put the pieces together.
  8. He's done the AoPS Intro (Alg, C&P, NT, Geom) and Interm (Alg, C&P, NT, Precalc) coursework (as well as Calculus), so he's seen all those things. And he had to do some solution writing, and proofs, in the courses.
  9. Average score on 2020 AIME I was 5.71 so he scored (at least) that. He didn't do practice AIMEs (though I think he looked at problems - he was focusing on MathCounts, as that was where he had a better chance of doing well, and he was in grade 8, so last chance for that, but it got cancelled) so it's a sample size of 1 AIME test.
  10. Thanks for that feedback. We'll proceed with caution. The WOOT page says "Students who are not capable of consistently scoring 5 or higher on AIME should strongly consider waiting until they have more experience before joining WOOT." which doesn't tell DS to wait, but that wording doesn't say those with mid-range AIME scores should apply either. But I also looked at last years WOOT Math Jam https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/mathjams-transcripts?id=496 (this year's WOOT Math Jam is actually tomorrow) and saw some exchanges: "skyscraper 2019-08-01 19:59:10 I could do pretty dec
  11. I'm considering whether or not to enrol DS (rising 9th grader) in this: AoPS WOOT (Worldwide Online Olympiad Training) https://artofproblemsolving.com/school/course/woot and if so, how should he approach it. I know I can ask AoPS for recommendations but I'll start with getting feedback here. He's only taken AIME once and got an average score, so may be at borderline readiness for WOOT. I thought he might get around 30th-40th in MathCounts, but it was cancelled, so we couldn't see where he stood there. I won't say more contest result details here, maybe by private message to WOOT
  12. Typically one would have done up to Multivar Cal (Calc 3) first. Series from Calc 2. General familiarity/fluency with Limits, Derivatives, Integrals. I've never taught it (taught all the prereq topics though) and when I took the course many years ago, I thought it was a very nice topic, even though I'm not a calculus-y person.
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