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  1. Actually that email was from AoPS. But the new calendar is up on the MAA website (with at least some of these dates) https://www.maa.org/math-competitions/about-amc/events-calendar
  2. From email: In chronological order: AMC 10/12 Version A - November 10, 2021 Version B - November 16, 2021 AMC 8 January 18–24, 2022 AIME AIME I - February 8, 2022 AIME II - February 16, 2022 USA(J)MO March 8–9, 2022
  3. (OP here) Wow, lots of comments. Thanks for the test suggestions - I will look into them as to which are suitable and available. 12yo daughter is now accepted in the virtual public charter (it's not selective but can get full so admission was likely but not certain). They do offer subject acceleration and make this known (they want to attract good students) but nevertheless need to see justification. The (age 5) gifted evaluation gets the conversation started and taken seriously, but they need some more recent evidence of readiness for the desired courses. I should find out exactly what they w
  4. Beast Academy (by Art of Problem Solving)? https://artofproblemsolving.com/store/list/beast-academy
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. It looks like ACT is out for now, but I'm still interested in ideas for how to get appropriate level course lineup (whether via testing or anything else). Some more details. In the Fall our 12 year old daughter is switching to a virtual K-12 charter school, to start grade 7. They are open to subject acceleration, (it's logistically easy for them) but they need evidence that it is appropriate. In grade 7 we would want "typical grade 9 level courses" in all subjects, such as Algebra 1 (she's done prealgebra, so that should be justifiable), and similarly for
  6. So the feedback I now have: ACT says under-13s cannot create online account, and therefore cannot register through ACT at all, as they offer no other method. They suggested contacting talent searches instead. A couple of talent searches said that ACT has told them that these talent searches are not allowed to register anyone up to 8th grade (one said up to 9th), saying that 11-12th graders are being prioritized due to previous backlogs. They suggested contacting ACT instead. Although it sounds a bit runaround-ish, it all sounds plausible, so it's not looking like our 12 year old daug
  7. Now I am told by email from ACT that paper registration for under-13s is something they used to do, but not any more, and that under-13s now cannot register through ACT at all, and can only go through a talent search. I will try to contact the talent searches. (I had heard of them a long time ago, but never used them.) Is the potential list: CTY, Belin-Blank, NUMATS, Duke-TIP? (I couldn't find anything on the Duke-TIP, and someone above said it's defunct - is that right?)
  8. I have tried phoning ACT at 319-337-1270 (four times - after a wait, two got cut off, and two times I got through to a human, but they didn't seem to know what they were talking about) and I emailed to act-cares@act.org and what I am being told is that a 12-year-old cannot make an online account (that part is true) and that therefore they cannot register for ACT through ACT and have to go through a talent search. I am skeptical about the impossibility of registering through ACT. I found a helpful blog here http://www.profoundlygiftedparenting.com/act-sat-testing-for-students-under-13/
  9. Given the timeline (wanting to do ACT on 17th July 2021, with nearest sites full, but still some within an hours drive), what is our best path to getting in? (Our 15yo son has an ACT account so we can see what's available in that account, but 12yo daughter cannot get such an account.)
  10. Thanks. That's SAT, not ACT, though. It does show that there are generally age-based rules.
  11. Update: Old title: How to register 12 year old in ACT exam? New title: How to advocate for subject acceleration at new school? It won't be possible to do ACT this summer, so really now we're asking for any advice generally on how to advocate for subject acceleration at new school (i.e. grade 9 coursework while in grade 7) - an ACT test, if possible, was to have been one way to make that case. ---------------------------------------------------------- Original post: We were planning to register our 12 year daughter old in the ACT exam scheduled for 17th July 2021 (and i
  12. ^ A two year old that didn't have to wait until a Discrete Math class to discover the pigeonhole principle!
  13. You got me curious, so I looked at that thread, and it appears what you're asking stems from this comment by 4KookieKids: `But I also recognize it's probably about on par (or even less) than many "deeper" options.' https://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/706996-elements-of-mathematics-foundations-reviews-x-posted/?tab=comments#comment-8900268 I don't know what is being referred to here - just thought I'd pinpoint the probable source of your question. I'm curious too.
  14. We have got it now. DS says the content looks pretty similar to Uzinggo (not surprisingly). The lesson selection layout looks totally different, but it appears you can select from the full list.
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