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  1. I will get a definitive answer on these scenarios for you. It may take a few days, but I am adding it to the list. I want you to know, for sure, what to expect when you have someone set to ignore. I'll be back...
  2. That is great! Thank you for taking the mystery out of the notifications! I'm glad things seem to have stabilized in general. There was an update, and in fact, I believe there is another maintenance update due now too. Hopefully the forums will remain copacetic!
  3. Hey Farrar, Sorry for the frustration. Approximately when did this start? I will look into it now. If it continues or looks like part of a bigger problem, I'll get our (bigger and better) tech people on it. In the meantime, keep us updated as to the status of the issue and, hopefully, others will chime in as well. Thanks.
  4. What browser are you using and are you on a computer, tablet or phone when this occurs? Are you getting that black screen at every page load, or when you first come onto the forum?
  5. Hey, We are following up on these concerns, and the forum tech support people have two questions for you guys: Are the forums still behaving slowly and/or are consistently behaving slowly (i.e. it wasn't an isolated event)? Are there any specific pages you've noticed slowness with, or is it all pages? If you are encountering this consistently, please also list your device and browser. Any information you can provide is great! Thank you, Customer Service
  6. Alrighty, you are now mazakaal again! If you need any adjustments made to the account/profile that you can't make on your end, or if something is being difficult, you can submit a request for help. ***I just sent an email to both of your email addresses that were on file under the two profiles. You can just reply to my email if you need anything. I will be able to resolve any problems that you may have faster that way.
  7. This is most likely because of the changes that were made when we upgraded the boards. It used to be that your username and password for the forum was separate from the login and password for the store/general WTM account, so some people had different emails, usernames, and passwords for each. Now, one account is used for both the store account and forum access, and that account is established by email address. You may have had an older email associated with an older profile that got "chosen" by the system as your account. Your old profile is still there. It just needs to be merged with the account (and forum profile) that is established now. I am going to go look into this. It should be an easy fix, but I may need to contact you for additional info. I will update you shortly.
  8. Let me know if there are any more problems. If anyone else encounters this (or any other glitch), don't hesitate to submit a ticket or post here about it!
  9. I will have this forwarded to a tech person. In the meantime, you can submit a ticket here with what you would like your email address changed to (please include the currently listed email, as well, for reference), and I can get that done for you.
  10. I see that the dedicated members of the forum have already solved this, and my services are no longer required! Wonderful! If you have any trouble, let us know.
  11. Thank you, I am collecting all of this for our tech people!
  12. Hi Everybody, We do have tech people working on this. One thing that might be helpful in this process, if you don't mind, is to let us know what device and browser you are using. If there are times that you can't log in at all, would you take a screenshot of the page, at the time the error is occurring, and send it to customerservice@welltrained You can also submit a ticket through the website Submit A Request system.
  13. Wonderful. I am still waiting for a final declaration from those with the fixing-power that all the work is completed.
  14. Thank you. That is strange. It could be related. I will dig a little deeper and see what I can find.
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