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  1. Ha! I read the book!!!! It was very thought provoking, especially the teacher concerns at Australian high school compared to the teacher concerns at US ones. So amusing to hear the opinions of those that haven't read the book :)
  2. This thread is old! But I came across it while Googling for Golden Books Nature or something. Now I've got Bookshelf and Through the Golden Window on the way.
  3. Finally ready to move out of the Britax 5pt harness and I'd likes some recommendations for a booster seat for an 8yo. Which ones are good? What to avoid? Are the ones with highbacks better than the little seat things?
  4. Thank you for all the straightforward replies. I so enjoy this group!
  5. Thank you. This puts it into perspective.
  6. Do most people 'observe' Good Friday? Would it not be ideal to have a party that day, specifically, a child's birthday party? ETA: To correct wording of 'celebrate' to 'observe'. Sorry to offend - I don't even know what it is, just saw it on the calendar and have heard that it is a Christian day.
  7. Thank you. I actually did file with Ebay that the item was not as described and he said he wouldn't refund or accept my return, but then I got the postage paid Priority shipping label. I'm just worried he will withhold the cost of return shipping, plus since it's so heavy, I feel like I could send it media mail for way cheaper. Can he withhold the return shipping cost from the refund? Would it be okay to send the books back media mail even though he sent the Priority label? I could send the stuffed animal with the Priority label. And he is a power-seller so I keep thinking he must know a way to rip me off.
  8. How does a return work when the seller states they don't accept returns? I bought a set of books that came with a small stuffed animal. The seller shipped media mail, even though there was a non-media item. It arrived smelling like mildew and overall the condition was not as advertised. This was not a small purchase, it cost $175. I contacted the seller about the condition, who told me they do not accept returns and would not offer a refund. I told him I'd like to send it back, and he said he'd refuse the package and would not give me a refund. Again I explained that the books smelled like mildew and wasn't sure what to do. He did not respond, but I received notice from Ebay that the seller had sent me a postage paid label for the return.... Now, I'm really not sure what to do! The postage label is for priority shipping and it is a 14lb package. It will cost about $50-$60 to ship Priority. Who pays for this? Can the seller back charge me for the postage? Could I send the stuffed animal back with the Priority postage paid label and then pay out of pocket to send the books back media mail (2 packages)? I'd rather not anyone have to pay that much in shipping if it can be avoided. If I send it back, will I get a full refund or will it be up to the seller that has already told me several times he wont refund? And if he does refund, can he deduct the return shipping cost? Is there anything I should do to protect myself from loosing out on the books and the money. Oh yeah, the return label is to a PO Box. What should I do? Return it using the postage paid Priority label, return it in 2 packages, try to resell it to some one that doesn't care about the smell?
  9. I forgot to add 'Yakari' - I really don't like the shows where they're mean or rude, however in this one, one of the older boys occasionally lightly teases Yakari. I've found the PARENT reviews at Common Sense Media to be an excellent source for deciding what's good or not. You have to scroll down to see them.
  10. I'm right there with you. 'Justin Time' - this is such an awesome, educational show. It is so sweet, the characters are sweet, nothing bad happens, it's about history. It really needs a lot more publicity than it gets. Really like 'Stella and Sam' because the siblings are so nice to each other. 'Kate and Mim-mim' 'DragonTales' 'Lily's Driftwood Bay' - another show where they are very respectful to each other
  11. I agree with Ellie. Smaller groups are more intimate, however getting together too often can cause other kinds of problems. The idea suggestions are wonderful.
  12. When ours turned 18, we gave gifts that symbolized blessings. I can't remember everything, but a few things were: journal - to write your own story compass - to find your way chocolate - for life to be sweet steampunk skeleton keys - to unlock doors flashlight - to always have light
  13. Yes, this. Exactly what I was trying to say, but you made it much clearer.
  14. Derogatory, unless it is referring to an older person that actually fits the description of a hippie in the 60's & 70's (peace-loving hippie). In our circles, when we hear 'hippie' it is generally used as an insult referring to an unlcean, poorly-educated, slow-talking, drug user (hippie or dirty hippie). I think now-a-days the term people used to define themselves as "hippie" is 'granola' or 'crunchy.'
  15. lol! Well, in our house, it's just been me. And I've only heard other moms do it or discuss it, so I assumed it was just a mom-thing. Apparently I've been wrong all these years :D
  16. :lol: I'm not sure why I think that is so funny, but it keeps making me giggle.
  17. He's always grins and stifles a laugh when I've gotten it wrong. So excited that it happened to him. lol!
  18. I thought calling your child the wrong name was exclusive to mothers, however my very intelligent husband just called one of our children the name of another child. :laugh:
  19. Has anyone did one of these? If so, who with and which company? Seems like there are several, but not sure which one is the best. TIA
  20. :iagree: Yep, except, I'd ask to follow them home so I could pick it up! It's the principle of it. BTW: This was funny!
  21. I only logged in to vote. YES! Go ask for your pencil back. Just say, 'hey can I have my pencil back that you borrowed?' It may seem petty to other people, but ultimately, it is about YOUR BOUNDARIES! If you let it go now, then it will forever be easier and easier for you to compromise yourself later. Unless you love her, or she's your child, or something along those lines, definitely go get it back.
  22. Mine liked Richard Scarry's and the Sonlight Pk (says Pk, but the books are good for about 4-7/8) What Do People Do All Day Busy, Busy Town Things People Do
  23. I'm no help, but curious how you set up your SOTW co-op. We're starting a co-op, but have no idea what I'm doing :) Would love ideas, or even some sort of plan!
  24. I just read the link. Very nice. Thank you for sharing it. I'm glad to know this about him, makes me like him a little better and makes a whole lot more sense than the other story...
  25. Yes, as an adult, this is what I've heard too, over an argument that had been escalating for some time, and that he gave it to a prostitute of a brothel they frequented, not a random woman on the street - which is what my teacher said. I'm just annoyed that it's what everyone wants to tell children right away. Seems like most people immediately want to pull out the morbid very young - none of these homeschooled children had heard about it before and mine was a little confused and couldn't understand what it had to do with the picture they were looking at. When is it age appropriate?
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